Hot Streak



Think you have an eye for beautiful women? Here is your chance to prove it. You will start by viewing a match-up of two women. You decide who the users rated higher. If you guess correctly, you start a "hot streak".

If you guess incorrectly, you get "slapped" by the woman who was rated higher. A slap won't end a hot streak... but will make you remember which woman was better looking! Rank up and earn badges at various hot streak levels.

Login for to save your progress and earn standings recognition if your score is in the top 10.

The Rules of Engagement

  • Try To Guess Which Woman Users Rated Higher.
  • If You Guess Correctly, You Start A "Hot Streak".
  • Every Correct Guess Adds To Your Hot Streak.
  • Guessing Incorrectly Gets You "Slapped" By The Woman Rated Higher.
  • Slaps Don't End Your Streak, They Are Second Chance Or "Mulligan" In Golf.
  • Rank Up At Each Level And Earn An Additional Slap.
  • Play For Fun OR Login To Be In The Standings.

To Begin, Select Your Level Of Competition Below:

An Easy Challenge
A Well Rounded Challenge
Sometimes Fake, But Always Flawless
Only For A Ladies Man
Models vs. Models Only