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Thu Aug 23, 2018
Jayden Jaymes
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England007 4 weeks ago Report

This medley started out slow butt finished very strong. Love the see through bathing suit #105 #106 & #107 Nice and cheeky #112 & #108 This tallish brunette has a nice body, cleary visible in #112 and those boobs look plentiful. Some pictures she looks really attractive #28 while others just above OK like #49

Anonymous 7661 4 weeks ago Report

wow, curves everywhere

Anonymous 6611 4 weeks ago Report

How do you rate there Mr. England007. The only 11 I've ever given.

Anonymous 3154 4 weeks ago Report

Jayden Jaymes is sssssssssssssssmokin hot! I would love to bang her hard!

Anonymous 1152 4 weeks ago Report

I would Love to say something nice to you, but with that picture it's virtually impossible!! Beautiful pose, lovely thighs, very inviting. It is amazing that KOZZ can find a beautiful woman in the Reno area!! I'm a city boy and most Renoites look like hillbillies to me.
Oh Jayden, if only.....
Love you!

Anonymous 6611 4 weeks ago Report

I thought that about my wife's home town, but she exist and I get it all the time. Can challenge Jayden back in the day and still kicks ass in her late 50's

Anonymous 1653 4 weeks ago Report

Do you actually think you're talking to the girl??? But we all appreciate you sharing your thoughts with the world...

Anonymous 2156 4 weeks ago Report

my god post it trying to give me a stroke two hot hot girls in two days have to write this down too day and yesterday smoking hot

Anonymous 8689 4 weeks ago Report

Why is the rating going down dudes?

Anonymous 8689 4 weeks ago Report

It was over 9 earlier.

Anonymous 8689 4 weeks ago Report

It was over 9 earlier.

Anonymous 6188 4 weeks ago Report

It never went up. Dude.

Anonymous 6568 4 weeks ago Report

#12 #13 #14 #15 #94 #95 #98 #99 #105 #106 #107 #108 Enjoy

Anonymous 5359 4 weeks ago Report

Crap. I cant see # 105 -# 106 or #107
Why are these missing? I want to see them.
Other that that. Hot.

Anonymous 0920 4 weeks ago Report

Check out babeherder.

Anonymous 0146 4 weeks ago Report

Great GOGGLY Mouugly!!!! SMOKING

Anonymous 5024 4 weeks ago Report

Awesome , very nice, looks like fun...

Anonymous 4566 4 weeks ago Report

she knows what the guys like.

Anonymous 8689 4 weeks ago Report

I would love for her to hurt me anytime!

Anonymous 2134 4 weeks ago Report

Every time you type something on here you prove you're an idiot. Today is no exception.