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Mon Jul 16, 2018
Angela Sommers
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England007 4 weeks ago Report

Angela has a nice and tall body with amazing curves #121, stunning large C cup boobs #10 and a sexy back #112. Very appealing bum #20 and #19 and those up skirts #37 and #38 are phenomenal. A few of my favorite things boobs and booze #5 a great combination and she has those small and perfect nips #17, just love that on a sexy woman. Nice view on the banister #47 shows off her lingerie and lovely legs in those fishnets #80. Excellent photo medley of a beautiful woman.

Anonymous 7410 4 weeks ago Report

How can you tell what her nips are like in 17? You can barely see the brown. Now if your talking about the toe below, That's another meal.

RJARRETT87 4 weeks ago Report

LOVE #20

Anonymous 1653 4 weeks ago Report

Babe of the month! (so far)

Anonymous 6617 4 weeks ago Report

Vive la France !

Anonymous 1653 4 weeks ago Report

She's American. WTF?

Anonymous 1929 4 weeks ago Report

Are you saying that because France won the World Cup yesterday?

Anonymous 6377 4 weeks ago Report

Someone needs a spanking!

Anonymous 0920 4 weeks ago Report

She is one sexy woman!

Anonymous 1618 4 weeks ago Report

nice ass body