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Thu Jul 12, 2018
Valentina Nappi
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England007 2 months ago Report

What a fine and a sultry Italian babe we have today #15. She has a great round plump bum #69 in those awesome fishnets and huge naturally large D cup boobs #28. This Italian dish can serve up her meatballs all day long #149, I’m hungry. Like the dark hair and hazel eyes #18, she has a very nice complexion on her super attractive face. Nice view #30, perfect gap, oh and the skyline is OK too.

RJARRETT87 2 months ago Report

WOOHOO!!! #92

Anonymous 0146 2 months ago Report

OMG I WOOD ;) bite on that and pray for Lock Jaw!!!!

Anonymous 6568 2 months ago Report

Several years ago we saw a man turn blue, now we know what an orange woman looks like #114

Anonymous 6010 2 months ago Report

And she's been dead for six months, so she's not tan now...

Anonymous 1522 2 months ago Report

Think that is called a tan!

Anonymous 1557 2 months ago Report

very nice, very nice indeed.

Anonymous 1059 2 months ago Report

wow very nice!!!

Anonymous 3246 2 months ago Report

I would have sex with that hot girl

Anonymous 3246 2 months ago Report

hot buns hot buns I would lick it