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Thu Jul 5, 2018
Keisha Grey
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England007 3 months ago Report

Keisha Grey is quite the stunning brunette with a nice round bum #24 #60 and very sexy curves #116. Keisha also has an amazing pair of natural DD cup boobs #39, very nice #15. Looks fun #71 and even has a hint of a Taylor Swift look about her. Cute white panties #83 and a nice side boob #96 to go along with her delicious bum. Happy Thursday!

Anonymous 8992 3 months ago Report

Breathtakingly beautiful!!! Not a bad pic in the bunch. Curves in all the right spots.

Anonymous 4122 2 months ago Report

Guys have forgotten what a real woman should look like. Go back & play with your Barbie dolls. This woman is built just F-I-N-E!!

Anonymous 1388 3 months ago Report

I absolutely love this woman

Anonymous 9294 3 months ago Report

wow perfict little play doll

Anonymous 7354 2 months ago Report

Just an orthodontist away from perfect.

Anonymous 8242 3 months ago Report

Oh my!

Anonymous 0218 3 months ago Report


Anonymous 7878 3 months ago Report

Running of the whales...

Post-It-Guy 3 months ago

You keep calling these women whales.
It may be time for you and your friend Clevus to find a different hobby.
User has been banned for this comment, and others like it.

England007 3 months ago Report

She weighs 114-pounds (Half of that's her bountiful boobs) a FAR cry from a whale Richard!

Anonymous 1388 3 months ago Report

Something wrong with you if you think shes fat

Anonymous 8992 3 months ago Report

If you think this girl is fat, get your eyes checked!!!

Anonymous 3712 3 months ago Report

#71 thank you

Anonymous 7410 2 months ago Report

Thank you, May I have another please. YUMMMMMY.

Anonymous 2244 2 months ago Report

Keisha Grey is very sexable and sexy

Anonymous 6037 3 months ago Report