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Tue Jun 12, 2018
Adrienn A
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Anonymous 1154 2 months ago Report

Jesus someone forgot to feed this girl she looks like a skeleton from anatomy class.

Anonymous 7410 2 months ago Report

Why must there always be someone who complains about how skinny they are. Maybe they have a high metabolism. If you don't like skinny girls, don't look. Personally, I'd take her.

Anonymous 5750 2 months ago Report

Good one! Used to say that all the time. Didn't think anybody else knew it.

Anonymous 2134 2 months ago Report

I agree, she's not skinny. She's slim certainly but not anorexic looking. I think she has a fine figure too and I wouldn't kick her out of bed for eating

Anonymous 7661 2 months ago Report

very hot gal, wish she was my neighbor

Anonymous 2794 2 months ago Report

another paperclip.............

Anonymous 6472 2 months ago Report

Love, love 'em thin...delicious

Anonymous 1618 2 months ago Report

nice ass

Anonymous 1522 2 months ago Report

A nice hot Hungarian for sure #9 #70 and #1. Just love that bum #85 projecting backwards and poised for action. A beautiful slender surprise #83 and #84 with a charming and enticing smile, one might even say provocative. -England007

Anonymous 4506 2 months ago Report


Anonymous 0916 2 months ago Report

Maybe they will plump up after she turns 16. One can always be hopeful.

Anonymous 0916 2 months ago Report

She could use just a little more in the BOOBY department to balance it out.
It might make the whole package a little easier to look at.

Anonymous 9596 2 months ago Report

she can wrap those spider legs around me all night long

Anonymous 3031 2 months ago Report

The only thing that would make her hotter is if she had a big set of hairy nuts

Anonymous 7982 2 months ago Report

I think you're looking for a different kind of website. Although the girl from Sunday may actually have a set...