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Wed Apr 12, 2017
Erica Campbell
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England007 1 year ago Report

Finally a super-hot candidate it has been a mediocre month so far. Look at those voluptuous boobs #126 & #43 with that happy face and the mesh ensemble #131 shows them off well. The purple outfit is very inviting #106 as is #27 and the under boob shot #90 is “Hot”. Also that bum of hers #2 & #32 is ripe for the picking. Yes a very nice all around woman, thinking 9 on this one, a lot of great happy sexy pictures.

Anonymous 6611 1 year ago Report

By all means, yes a 9. England RULES!

Sincy 1 year ago Report

I think #43 says it all "Juicy"
#131 Ericas shirt matches her eyes as well as the twins, perfect in so many ways!
Erica is perfect from her smile #1 to Kitty in #27.
Erica definitely has the ASSets to go far in life, as well as love # 51
Erica has been blessed in more ways than one #119

DrRam 1 year ago

I remember seeing Erica when she came on the seen, and thinking "Man, this girl has what it takes, I looking forward to seeing her in a couple of years when she really gets going!" Boy and I wasn't disappointed. Definitely at the top of my list. Pic #80 is the epitome of "sweater puppy's!" Dr.

Anonymous 6001 1 year ago Report

What's not to like about this little piece of heaven? She is perfect from every angle and doesn't take a bad picture. Just delicious.

Anonymous 4845 1 year ago Report

Wow, if the wife looked like Erica I'd be one happy man!! Gotta love her comin' or going!

Anonymous 4122 1 year ago Report

WOW & WOW! What an amazing body. As someone else stated, she has great F me eyes. Not too many have such an amazing body and a gorgeous face & smile. Happy Hump day!

Anonymous 5088 1 year ago Report

One of the best I have seen here in a long time.

Anonymous 7614 1 year ago Report

What a beautiful and voluptuous woman! Just stunning.

Anonymous 2899 1 year ago Report

Winner for the month.

Anonymous 9434 1 year ago Report

thumbs up,wow

Anonymous 1059 1 year ago Report

Holly Hell!!!! She is fine. I love her body type and her f-me eyes.

Anonymous 5819 1 year ago Report

Look at the fun bags on that hose hound.

Anonymous 6785 1 year ago Report


Anonymous 6307 1 year ago Report

omg wow

Anonymous 6338 1 year ago Report

Sweet ass.

Anonymous 5871 1 year ago Report

When we perfect human cloning, I'm ordering a dozen of those

Anonymous 1517 1 year ago Report

She is what a woman looks like!

Anonymous 6589 1 year ago Report

she is the sexiest babe of the month.

Anonymous 7744 1 year ago Report

Now this the kind of package brown can't help me with I can pick this up on my own!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous 7744 1 year ago Report

I wouldn't mind humping her everyday and every night until the end of time

Anonymous 5258 1 year ago Report