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Fri Jan 20, 2017
Denise Milani
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England007 1 year ago Report

This is one stunningly gorgeous brunette model #23 with some enormous boobs #33 Another fine example from the perfect Czech genealogy pool over there #87. A really great bum on her as well #91 & #113 which gets overshadowed by those lovely large boobs. TGIF everywhere!!

Anonymous 2881 1 year ago Report

Cute Busty Brunette. . . Works for me !!

Anonymous 2083 1 year ago Report

she's ok just a little to much on top.Don't get ne wrong I love nice big ones but she got a little to much silicone

England007 1 year ago Report

Maybe just a little help along the way, Denise Milani had very big natural breasts which she got enhanced, making them bigger and fuller. But WHO CARES they are MAGNIFICENT!!!!!

Anonymous 6001 1 year ago Report

They are real.

Anonymous 8962 1 year ago Report

I love a smooth toned abdomen.

Anonymous 6001 1 year ago Report

A stunningly beautiful woman. Thanks for the mammaries, babe.

Anonymous 9434 1 year ago Report

nice bottom on pic#113 i will hit that

Anonymous 1517 1 year ago Report

She's the bomb!

Anonymous 7744 1 year ago Report

I don't care if them puppies are real or not I'd still dive into those babies anytime!!!!!!!!!!, P.S. she's one hot ass mamasita too!!!!!

Anonymous 7227 1 year ago Report


Anonymous 6307 1 year ago Report

omg wow

Anonymous 4858 1 year ago Report

DAMN, She' Hot as DEIDRA,"10" CurtRob..

Anonymous 4858 1 year ago Report

Deidra is the DJ.. DEIDRA LEIGH is from SF She's Hot and very nice to chat with!!!

Anonymous 1522 1 year ago Report

Supposedly some hot D.J.

Anonymous 6284 1 year ago Report

I'll probably regret asking, but who is Deidra?

Anonymous 1610 1 year ago Report

From an old 60's song "Oh Denise, shooby doo, I'm in love with you."

Anonymous 7228 1 year ago Report

'That's 100% real! Fabulous!

Anonymous 5553 1 year ago Report

Would-be motor boat attack victim!

Anonymous 8145 1 year ago Report


Anonymous 7205 9 months ago Report

Denise you have everything a man would dream of. I would love to party all night with you

Anonymous 7205 9 months ago Report

what can you say she is just amazing and has the curves in the right spot

Anonymous 3924 1 year ago Report

Thank goodness for girls with daddy issues.

Anonymous 5524 1 year ago Report

Good Lord...