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Fri Oct 7, 2016
Emma Glover
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England007 2 years ago Report

A BEAUTIFUL Busty British Babe #31 and lets not overlook her perfect British Bum #19, gets my Union Jack Flying!!! The two B & W shots #17 & #18 are quite stunning. In fact all her shots are just marvelous. Great end to a really outstanding week!

England007 2 years ago Report

Lipstick on my dipstick comes to mind

Anonymous 4405 2 years ago Report

Hey England, I know you're a fan of the color purple, any thoughts on her purple lipstick #12? Cause I got a few! GIGGITY!

Anonymous 7845 2 years ago Report


Anonymous 6338 2 years ago Report

I would definitely keep her in bed.

Anonymous 0100 2 years ago Report

Thanks for the mammories, doll.

Anonymous 1675 2 years ago Report

Oh yeah she is hot.........

Anonymous 6307 2 years ago Report

wow i have something that will fit her like a glove

Anonymous 7810 2 years ago Report