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Shotgun 4 years ago Report

Truly a angel from above

Slick58 4 years ago Report


Hersheyguy 5 years ago Report


Anonymous 9886 4 years ago Report

I am gonna oh sorry just came

Anonymous 6397 3 years ago Report

The golden lip stick on the glass of the mirror really does something for the picture. The soft texture of the feathers on the pole adds something to the feel too. Her left hand is hidden which doesn't allow us to see if she is married or not . And she looks really younge, undiscernably jailbait. Very cute tilt of the head and awe type of sentiment. There they are , first 2 cents as an anonymous poster .

Anonymous 4465 3 years ago Report

Great natural beauty

Anonymous 0911 3 years ago Report

Doesn't get any better than that