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BigKahooner 3 years ago Report

Been a Jets fan since I was a kid. She makes me so proud right now! She is just one beautiful girl!!!!!!!!!!!

JAQ 4 years ago Report

brunette and a jets fan. i must be in HEAVEN!

BOTE3481 4 years ago Report

always been a Jets fan. now i know why! gorgeous!!!!!!

Anonymous 8138 1 year ago Report


Anonymous 5110 2 years ago Report

Yes!!! This is what I want for Christmas next year. She's the one and only 11 I have ever given.

Anonymous 7401 3 years ago Report

I love you boos

Anonymous 6351 3 years ago Report

This a 10 or 11. WTF 7/10

Anonymous 5110 3 years ago Report

The only 11 I have ever given.

Anonymous 5110 3 years ago Report

This girl is absolutely beautiful, one of my favorites. I give her a 10

Anonymous 7467 4 years ago Report

only thing I see wrong with that is being a jets fan

Anonymous 9281 4 years ago Report

jets suck hopefully you do too

Anonymous 1338 4 years ago Report

Brett farce listens to the x

Anonymous 2767 5 years ago Report

Isn't this the chick Brett Favre tried cheating on his wife with???