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Sun Jul 13, 2014
Lunas Cam
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england 4 years ago

Must be a Post-It Guy favorite, 215 shots compared to 9 for Pamela. But I can see why, #209 is ready to eat. Some GREAT rear shots #159 #43 and #6 to mention a few. Liking the see through top #58, cute nips for sure and some really nice boobs in #49, with a little more light you can see heaven, or at least her heaven down there. I like her too Post-It guy!!!!

england 4 years ago

another shout out fro #209 as well

Anonymous 6246 4 years ago Report

A woman of substance! Magnificent! I would love to have a go at her beautiful bum.

Anonymous 0144 3 years ago Report

#209 freakin wow!