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Mon Apr 21, 2014
Christi Shake
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DrRam 4 years ago

I would play that Cinderella Song "Shake Me"...all night", while I was sinking my pool cue into her corner pocket. She looks fun and playful and open for a game (or few) anytime.

england 4 years ago

Not too bad. Like the perky nip shots and after going over the past few days of girls she is a welcome change. She look kind of fun and cheeky, out for a good time. I'd wrestle her to the ground and she can smother me in those boobs.

Feetman 4 years ago

Looks better with the red hair. Way too over-inflated.

Anonymous 9387 4 years ago Report

Inflated or not, that's a well made girl. I love how happy and eager she seems. I prefer the red hair, too. Beautiful face, gorgeous hips, legs and ass. And a great set of t!ts just begging to be played with.