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Wed Mar 26, 2014
Codi Carmichael
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england 4 years ago

Not too bad but no Eve or Hunter. Nice set of boobs to play with and looks like she might like a little HRA. I'll pass on this one and go back to Hunter for a second look

Feetman 4 years ago

Pics 5-8 ain't bad. Hard to be impressed by anything after looking at Hunter.

Anonymous 1986 4 years ago Report

She has a face that says, "Come on up the rickety steps into my trailer and get it."

Anonymous 3256 4 years ago Report

That's a well made girl! I'll she could take a licking and keep on ticking.

Anonymous 0118 4 years ago Report

Nice big juicy legs

Anonymous 5692 4 years ago Report

Codi is a different kind (compared to Hunter) hot but still hot.