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Thu Feb 27, 2014
Jaclyn Swedberg
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Feetman 4 years ago

Now this is one stunning woman. Do not understand why she had to be a customer of the Inflate-O-Matic 5000. I much prefer the latter pre-op photos.Gorgeous!!!

Anonymous 8669 4 years ago Report

Some cute feet shots on the beach. She looks smokin in that set.

england 4 years ago

Never met a Jaclyn that I did not like and this one is no exception. This exceptional beauty has a beautiful physique and her natural beauty stuns my senses, just love a hot brunette. Shot 29 is my all round winner, great pose with a fabulous taunting look, see through bra (Hell YES), awesome butt shot 28 and finished off with the lingerie and stockings. VERY NICE INDEED

Feetman 4 years ago

Unfortunately she did. Thats why I prefer the shots of her before implants after the beach shots. REAL BOOBS RULE!!!!!!

Anonymous 3512 4 years ago Report

Why is everyone complaining about Alicia's fake boobs when this girl has had a boob (or is it bob) job in pic 1 and 11. If you want natural boobs (or bobs as the case may be) go to National Geographic.

Anonymous 3282 4 years ago Report


Anonymous 9957 4 years ago Report

An absolutely stunning girl. Just gorgeous. A shame about the overdone implants - her naturals were just perfect.

Anonymous 4942 4 years ago Report

Why is she in the galleries section and not on the main page.... need more pics