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Wed Mar 14, 2018
Sophie Dee
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England007 6 days ago Report

Some mighty fine British stock here today #34. They do say a camera adds a few pounds, and as Joey (Friends) once said to Monica, “How many cameras were there?” #31. A bigger Brit for sure butt well worth the ride #90 from the rear. Some massive mammaries to dive into #5 & #24 could get lost in those for a while, if you are lucky. Actually, she is fairly attractive #8, especially #80 hanging onto a pole. Happy Hump Day #43

England007 6 days ago Report

Looks like those flotation devices work just fine #22 as well.

Anonymous 1774 6 days ago Report

She looks like Xena + 50 lbs.
I do enjoy the fur shots though.

Anonymous 8357 6 days ago Report


Anonymous 2255 6 days ago Report

I like a little cushion for the Pushin!

Anonymous 0146 7 days ago Report

OH MY god I would bite on to her and PRAY for Lock Jaw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fn A

Anonymous 0582 7 days ago Report

wow this girl is beautiful!! love all the smooth curves!! really like her with the long red and dark hair!! sweet azz great b@@bs and very pretty face!!

Anonymous 8726 7 days ago Report

You can say ass and boobs.

Anonymous 4753 7 days ago Report


Anonymous 6474 7 days ago Report

hot hot hot

Anonymous 6474 7 days ago Report

hot hot hot

Anonymous 6582 4 days ago Report

If she'd lay off the burgers, she'd be alright. Lol

Anonymous 0916 5 days ago Report

Ok zoomers. Could use a gym pass...........and a trim!

Anonymous 5783 5 days ago Report


Anonymous 5895 5 days ago Report

You are the dumbest person on the planet.

Anonymous 7982 6 days ago Report

I'm usually not a fan of the bigger girls, but I think this one wears her curves pretty well.

Anonymous 0389 6 days ago Report

Real. Big. Girl. God Bless Her!

Anonymous 1017 6 days ago Report

mmmm like a whopper

Anonymous 5322 6 days ago Report

Does Kardashian come to mind?

Anonymous 1618 7 days ago Report

fantastic babe