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Wed Dec 13, 2017
Felicity Hill
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England007 4 months ago Report

Right out of the gate #2, this British bum #82 makes an impression #32 all synched up. Hose over stockings not usually a fan but #54 with that gap and those cheeks I make an exception. She looks fun #11, happy in all her poses #46 always smiling and a joy to admire #20. An all-natural girl with a dynamite body #122 and I bet a personality to match! Let us not forget the mandatory up skirt #148 & #61, always a joy.

England007 4 months ago Report

I comment on ALL women of all nationalities. Your here looking aren't you? What's your motive, just to badger people????
Unlike you, (2572) I moved away from my mommy's basement and cut the apron string, that's why I'm here in a different country... Who said I married an American anyway?????

Anonymous 2572 4 months ago Report

If you're such a fan of british women explain why you're living in the US and married to an american woman? I wonder what she'd say if she knew how you really felt about her in comparison to british chicks. I suspect she'd you your you-know-what's (crushed) and send you back across the big pond. That would explain why you have to hide your activities on her from her.

Anonymous 4188 4 months ago Report

@2572: are you a dense idiot, or what?

I like redheads and I am married to a blonde.

I bet you like slim and natural women, but you are married to a pig.

Your point is as flawed as Trump's presidency.

Anonymous 8904 4 months ago Report

Hey I recognize're the trauma surgeon married to a hot eastern European chick who saw too much of war. LOL
Yeah, you guys married to the hot chicks have every reason in the world to be on here checking out other women........hahahaha......who's the moron Dos Equis dude I think we all know the answer to ROFLMAO

Anonymous 5199 4 months ago Report

It's called being married, not blind or castrated. What a moron!

Anonymous 2572 4 months ago Report

Yes you do comment....and your fan boy 6611 loves it. The rest of us just wonder what is so wrong with your life that you need to get your validation by making comments here and also by hijacking the top 4 pics of the day with your favorite butt shots. As for me living in my mommy's basement.........I left home at 17, almost 40 years ago, and haven't been back except for visits since.
I notice you didn't deny being married to an American girl and lets face it, marrying one is the only way you'd get into the US other than as tourist
So what would your wife do if she knew about your little hobby on here? Would she divorce you and send you back across the pond? LOL

Anonymous 2572 4 months ago Report

See, I was right, you are married to an american woman :)
I was right about something else too, she'd hand you your balls in a glass if she knew about your little hobby here on babeherder.
Me hijacking!?!? Now that's definitely the pot calling the kettle black. No, until that other dude that got banned pointed you out I hadn't realized it was possible. But then I had a look and sure enough, your pics were always hijacking everyone else's. I have no idea who's stealing your thunder now but I do confess to it making me laugh, especially when you post as "anonymous 1522" with complaints about how such and such a picture couldn't possibly be top 4 because it didn't have enough views.
If you're going to post on here for validation every week day and try to hijack the top 4 pics with your favorite butt shots expect some criticism

Anonymous 1522 4 months ago Report

Wrong again 2572, I'm actually a dual citizen of both England and the US so I get to stay here as long as I want, nothing to do with getting married.
You do more hijacking than anyone.

Anonymous 6568 4 months ago Report

OMG, she is one very fine woman!

Anonymous 0920 4 months ago Report


Anonymous 5199 4 months ago Report

I'm not a fan of all the pantyhose shoots common to these British girls, but this one looks quite welcoming #103. For those times that she's wearing something constricting, I would just have to take out the scissors and snip out all those bothersome crotches. Dr.

Anonymous 4066 4 months ago Report

A Very Beautiful Brunette Indeed !!

Anonymous 6973 4 months ago Report

All tho her ass is smoking and you know i ass shots. but i would have like to see more chest shots lol