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Tue Jun 6, 2017
Antonia Sainz
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Anonymous 1522 11 months ago Report

Let’s get to business with those ankles in the air #49 and the stocking are charming, take a closer look. Turn her around, then bend her over #53 & #54 oh yes very nice. Good selection of bum shots #2 and #4 to mention butt a few. A pleasing handful of soft boobs #14 on this tall frame #36 gives this Czech chick a 7.0, nice body but I’m thinking bent over #23 or #50 is the way to go on this one England007

Anonymous 5199 11 months ago Report

Well it's been a while, but the Dr is now in. Not the best looking however she makes up for it with some amazing legs, and great little ass. Pic #53 demonstrates that well. So dim the lights, or turn her face down, and give her a good going over. Dr.

Anonymous 0582 11 months ago Report

wow this girl is hot #106 ftw love the thigh high stockings in #73-76 and #89-90 show off those wonderful breasts. also #98 for the no panties shot of the day.

Anonymous 3310 11 months ago Report

dam dr you been away too long that girl has a hot everthing

SouthSideSteve 10 months ago Report

Don't you talk to the Dr. like that. He didn't go to 8 years of med school to be harassed by you. Thank you for your service Dr.

Anonymous 6307 11 months ago Report

omg wow

Anonymous 1544 11 months ago Report

wow,me like.

Anonymous 9049 11 months ago Report

tight little ass