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Wed Aug 26, 2015
Teen Kasia
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DrRam 3 years ago

Whatever Kasia is lacking up top she more than makes up for it from the waist down #134. I can definitely see why she is so proud of her fine as-set. And I know I've said this before...but if I was a T-sex, I would gobble this prime speciman of Legosaurus up! From toe to Toe #28 and Toe to toe #33.

England007 3 years ago Report

I have no problem loving this Polish treat, #4 has been one of my favorites for years. Now we have plenty to choose from. So many great bum shots, #171 is divine, #93 is delicious, #65 is delightful and #76 is down right tasty!!! Sign me up for this "Pole"ish princess #102.

DrRam 3 years ago

Polish? Post it guy is getting warmer. You think he'll post a nice Slovakian babe on Friday? I hope so! I could use a good treat this year.

DrRam 3 years ago

Hmm. I never thought of asking for a pole in the ER!

England007 3 years ago Report

Dr. Ram, looks like some potential for an addition to your "Staff" #101 through #108

Anonymous 6022 3 years ago Report

Her green eyes are pretty, so is her brown one

Anonymous 9267 3 years ago Report

Kinda feel like jared for liking these pics.

England007 3 years ago Report

Well you go enjoy Jared, I'll stick with her!!!!!

Anonymous 1501 3 years ago Report

I think he was referring to her looking so young.

Anonymous 5441 3 years ago Report

Attractive without a ton of makeup, botox or silicone. Imagine that! :)

Anonymous 1187 3 years ago Report

She's about perfect as far as I am concerned.

Anonymous 6655 3 years ago Report

pic #13 i would bang her back end nice and slow

Anonymous 3064 3 years ago Report

Sweet Jesus, isn't she a tasty little treat. I'd say she's just a perfect and natural girl. I would love to bounce quarters off her tight little bum.

Anonymous 1779 3 years ago Report

One of my favorite vids is this girl going solo.

Anonymous 7899 3 years ago Report


Anonymous 6589 3 years ago Report

she is hot and a wet and wild girl.

Anonymous 6307 3 years ago Report

she looks like jailbait

Anonymous 0485 3 years ago Report

I feel like I just did something illegal

Anonymous 3673 3 years ago Report

I would buy her cigarettes and give her a ride to school.

DrRam 3 years ago

Maybe not directly to school.

Anonymous 7134 3 years ago Report

I'm with you on the field and like Jared thing LOL she is cute though

Anonymous 3702 3 years ago Report goin solo right now

Anonymous 2305 3 years ago Report

i cant stop looking at that cute mug

Anonymous 2305 3 years ago Report

Kasia.......heaven is missing an angel.........u

Anonymous 2305 3 years ago Report

She looks like a Heartbraker and Lifesaver

Anonymous 2305 3 years ago Report

One of my favorites.............Shes adorable

Anonymous 5304 3 years ago Report

nice ass

Anonymous 5304 3 years ago Report

vry sweet ride

Anonymous 1536 3 years ago Report


Anonymous 1536 3 years ago Report

what a sweet hottie you are

Anonymous 1536 3 years ago Report

very nice and hot you are a very tight package

Anonymous 5547 3 years ago Report

go back to third grade

Anonymous 2284 3 years ago Report

thank u i would have starved

Anonymous 4966 3 years ago Report

wow..... looks young.

Anonymous 2986 3 years ago Report

Wonder what she'll look like all when she's growed up.

Anonymous 3032 3 years ago Report

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Anonymous 9446 3 years ago Report

Looks like another backdoor teen mom

Anonymous 4688 3 years ago Report

Well we know how she likes to take it most of her pics are of her bowed over