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Mon Nov 3, 2014
Carli Banks
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england 4 years ago

Shot #2 set the stage for this sweetheart, #96 and #102 compliment here behind very well. LOVE the lingerie in #44 through #46 she looks tremendous in that colour. I think you could BANK on her for a great time.

Anonymous 6548 4 years ago Report

Home run!!!
She's absolutely gorgeous.

Anonymous 6016 4 years ago Report

Absolute perfection

Anonymous 4983 4 years ago Report

Absolutely yummy. Makes yesterday's sorry excuse look like dog food

Anonymous 3457 4 years ago Report

Very enthusiastic girl! Spreads those legs with a smile on her face!

Anonymous 1369 4 years ago Report

This chic could hurt me anytime, and I would be just fine with it !

Anonymous 1280 4 years ago Report


Anonymous 7589 4 years ago Report

Wowsers! Hot, cute, sexy! Btw she would make all you haters pop a woody and your no where near as attractive wife smack you in the face for staring.

Anonymous 1288 4 years ago Report

now she knows how to put it out there!!!

Anonymous 6074 4 years ago Report

pic 2 im all in. id lest I wish I was

Anonymous 0095 4 years ago Report

Call me Minnesota Fats because she has me chalking up my cue...I definitely wouldn't have a problem Banking a shot off of Carli's foot cushion. Left and right ball in her center pocket. No matter what angle you're looking at her she's a sure shot.

england 4 years ago

Looks like she really needs help, #91 and #111 seem to indicate a reoccurring problem DR

Anonymous 0095 4 years ago Report

May have to quarantine her, and run a full set of tests!

Anonymous 0095 4 years ago Report

Oh pic #47 is definitely a "Please DrRam, check!"

Anonymous 8870 4 years ago Report

Pass......Ms Banks has accepted way to many deposits for my taste.

Anonymous 6615 4 years ago Report

Are you a chick? Because she only does girl on girl. Or maybe you have a small wiener.

Anonymous 0095 4 years ago Report

Well that must mean she provides sexceptional customer service, and a good return on your investment.

Anonymous 1373 4 years ago Report

i would deposit my money in her bank!

Anonymous 9077 4 years ago Report


Anonymous 3919 4 years ago Report