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Mon Oct 13, 2014
Nicole Graves
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england 4 years ago

Mirror mirror on the wall she is the fairest of them all #4 Really like her thoughts in #125 along with some spectacular boobs #130 and nice bum #64, a prime example of a HOT women. A lot of great shots today of a great looking women and a little up skirt #120 for good measure!

Jahurt9486 4 years ago Report

#72, #76, #78, #119 and #125!!! Wow!

Anonymous 8514 4 years ago Report

Blonde has a tat, brunette doesn't. Is this the same girl? I think not, but will take the blonde.

Anonymous 6452 4 years ago Report

@8514: you're the perfect moron!!!

Anonymous 7072 4 years ago Report

This may be too hard for you to understand, but the pictures without the tat were taken before she got the tat. It's the same girl.

Anonymous 7072 4 years ago Report


Anonymous 4659 4 years ago Report

A true 11. Absolute perfection. If you dont like this girl you have brain damage, simple as that.

Anonymous 4277 4 years ago Report

whoever is making this woman's rating go down are you gay, blind, or just stupid?

Anonymous 1327 4 years ago Report

It's my birthday and I can't think of a better present!

Anonymous 6452 4 years ago Report

Happy Birthday, man.

Anonymous 4277 4 years ago Report

Like 7072 and 4659 said flawless and absolute perfection, come on fellas jump on board you know if she walked into your house you wouldn't turn her away married or not.

Anonymous 4438 4 years ago Report

Sounds like 3345 needs a beer and a bj to bring back his sanity.....

Anonymous 3345 4 years ago Report

I can turn any women down, I've done it & no I'm not gay. If a jiggle of flesh makes you lose your mind and your word your very very weak. I know this is all in fun but every guy out here doesn't fall like a hound in heat,

Anonymous 5716 4 years ago Report

I agree 3345, nothing wrong with having standards. Some women try to hard to be a hottie and the true measure of hottie is when you don't have too. She could have been a hottie but had to go and ruin it with fake plugs which she probably didn't even need.

Anonymous 5383 4 years ago Report

Post it guy gets it right today!

Anonymous 2484 4 years ago Report

If you find something wrong with this girl, find another site because it doesn't get any better than this on this one.

Anonymous 1259 4 years ago Report

pic 39 wow she can borrow my putter anytime

Anonymous 2334 4 years ago Report

I spy with my little eye a cute lil nipple.

england 4 years ago

Couple of spots no less

Anonymous 4898 4 years ago Report

Like the painted on bikini in 105 & 106

Anonymous 8090 4 years ago Report

Gotta love this one

Anonymous 9906 4 years ago Report

goggle her name and you'll see not only is she a flawless girl but she's a freak 2, love it

Anonymous 0144 4 years ago Report

can't say enough about pic #125!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous 9526 4 years ago Report

October is back in the groove....wish I was in hers

Anonymous 7396 4 years ago Report

She is my fantasy girl for sure!

Anonymous 6246 4 years ago Report


Anonymous 4926 4 years ago Report

There's a lot more of her to see on other sites, if you follow what I'm saying.

Anonymous 2802 4 years ago Report


Anonymous 9682 4 years ago Report

Hell of a BODY,but needs dental work and nose job. Keep the blonde dye job (better looking as such)... cant say higher than 8-1/2. Due to butter face ish facial distraction.