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Wed Jun 18, 2014
Anita Dark
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england 4 years ago

For as naughty as this Hungarian Hottie is these pictures are pretty tame ( I hear she is very enthusiastic for HRA). Nice overall view #15 shows off her figure well. She could move her hand in #30 and a peeking look in #75 is about as daring as these picture get. Like her better with darker hair, nice butt #48 and her those ripe full bosoms in #91 are well worth further investigation.

DrRam 4 years ago

Although Anita does some very nasty things in her videos which are very entertaining, I have never really been able to get into her, not that I wouldn't mind getting "into" her in real life. I don't think I would be able to fit her in with Monday's and Tuesdays hot tub hotties...well maybe if she kept the dark hair as in pics #86-#100.

england 4 years ago

I think given a chance you could "Get into her" with no problem

Anonymous 6735 4 years ago Report

A really bad touch-up job on pic #1 ........ shabby at best !!!

Anonymous 6802 4 years ago Report

Finally. A beautiful woman that doesn't look like a hooker advertising for business in the pictures.

Anonymous 7000 4 years ago Report

ha ha

Anonymous 6074 4 years ago Report

mighty fine

Anonymous 6074 4 years ago Report

yep ive dated several psychos none this hot

Anonymous 2516 4 years ago Report

Butter face

Anonymous 9589 4 years ago Report

#43--just because of the wording!

Anonymous 2514 4 years ago Report

great body, nice face. pics could be a little nastier...

Anonymous 6466 4 years ago Report

She's better as a Drop Dead Blonde

Anonymous 7705 4 years ago Report

old bag

Anonymous 6074 4 years ago Report

psycho eyes? work in healthcare for a while and you will know what psycho eyes looks like

Anonymous 0154 4 years ago Report

And for the record I'm actually a security guard and a mental health hospital, so I do know what psyco eyes look like.

Anonymous 0154 4 years ago Report

Aren't you special. You have obviously never dated a psyco before.

Anonymous 0154 4 years ago Report

Very hot with a rockin body. Just too bad she has the psyco eyes.

Anonymous 8274 4 years ago Report

Best of the bunch.shes a hot mess id love to get into .
Curiosity makes me wonder- if the girl w/her in 51-54 is a Trany- though pretty but square jawed big chin dimple bolt on over sized boobs etc(just makes me wonder?)

Anonymous 1373 4 years ago Report

...thats a "boobcep"

Anonymous 9781 4 years ago Report

That's a good lookin' "bicep" in #15!

Anonymous 1554 4 years ago Report

I Anita some of that !!!

Anonymous 7488 4 years ago Report

Hysterical! Your puns are incredible. Please, keep them coming!