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Sat Mar 15, 2014
Alex Sim-Wise
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JohnnieB 4 years ago

Let's see: Sexy, check - Sultry, check - Seductive, check - Redhead, check.......... Good enough for me!

england 4 years ago

A nice red head, like the office up skirt 40 best, nice photo medley. Not the most beautiful girl, but I'm not a fan of red heads anyway. She has a decent body and I like her in her stockings and even the hose has potential,

Anonymous 9006 4 years ago Report

Nothing wrong with hosiery!!! This girl knows how to wear them, I would love those silky legs rubbing on me!!!!

Anonymous 0187 4 years ago Report

nothing to see here

Anonymous 4690 4 years ago Report

There's nothing to see because she is wearing too many clothes...I love the red hair!

Anonymous 3512 4 years ago Report

She is really not bad. The pictures are lame especially the grannypantyhose shots. Hate those! If you want your fix for the day go to the galleries and see Tiffany Fallon... You will get twice as many pics with the landing strip, beaver cleavage(camel toe) and much much more!! It is not often that the gallery girl runs away with the day! Enjoy!

Anonymous 4737 4 years ago Report

I Love redheads!!

Anonymous 6632 4 years ago Report

I like Gingers, even if they have no soul

Anonymous 6332 4 years ago Report

I get the feeling some of you are blind or want people to think you have beautiful women but I'm sure you don't. This girl has a hot body and yet you make bad comments. Wake up from your fantasy world.

Anonymous 6510 4 years ago Report

I agree with you 6332. everyone of these women are gorgeous in there own way. Just not a fan of the pantyhose thing. I am an all natural guy. show off what god has given.

Anonymous 4422 4 years ago Report

I just would like to say smok'in

Anonymous 6246 4 years ago Report

How do you spell 'delicious'? This girl is yum, yummy. I love a nice red-head and she is just perfect all over. I especially love 46 - oh, what I would love to do with that beautiful bum.

Anonymous 5483 4 years ago Report

Hottest red head I've seen she can jump on my pole anytime

Anonymous 9513 4 years ago Report

Very nice

Anonymous 0144 4 years ago Report


Anonymous 9696 4 years ago Report

Oh No! Hosery everywhere!! What is up with the blue Long John thingies?

england 4 years ago

I'll be her Papa Smurf

Anonymous 9696 4 years ago Report

Reminds me of a Smurf. Alex, are you a Smurf?

Anonymous 9649 4 years ago Report

Not impressed with the photos. Looks fine in some, not so fine in others. Hope next week is better.

Anonymous 0705 4 years ago Report

She's a good lookin female but the photos are lame.

Anonymous 5478 4 years ago Report


Anonymous 4862 4 years ago Report

beautiful girl just too many clothes and why only 65 pictures ?

Anonymous 7107 4 years ago Report

Such a hottie with wasted pantyhose pictures.

Anonymous 3852 4 years ago Report

I'm not a fan of red heads, but this one is a big exception!

Anonymous 6510 4 years ago Report

What is with the british chicks thinking wearing stockings/pantyhose is sexy? Especially over sexy lingerie. yuck!