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Tue Mar 11, 2014
Bree Olson
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Feetman 4 years ago

Sexy compact little package. Retired pro that has seen a lot of very hard use over the years. Never have cared for her blond hair, looks better as a brunette. She's got great feet.

JohnnieB 4 years ago

Retired or not, she still game me a SCHWING moment!

TinMan72 4 years ago Report

I fell in Love with her lips in No5 :-*

england 4 years ago

This petite brown eyed blonde shows off those luscious big boobs of hers in all their glory with some really nice under boob 117 and cleavage shots 66. Beautiful smile in 125 (and her face looks nice too)!!! Then shot 5, like the "Little to the imagination" shot, those lips look delicious. Finish me off with nice white stockings and that pose in 78, this Mid Western raised girl knows how to use her equipment.

DrRam 4 years ago

Bree was designed for one thing, and one thing only, and she demonstrates what that thing is very well in her..."instructional" videos. The Mrs and I have used them often in our home school sessions.

Anonymous 0977 4 years ago Report

Definitely cute, but not "hot."

Anonymous 9832 4 years ago Report

Not the greatest to me.

Anonymous 0639 4 years ago Report

I like the look of them Olson twins UU !!!

Anonymous 6246 4 years ago Report

A tight little package. Love her 'eager beaver' smile and that look in her eyes that says "I'll do anything you can think of." She'd probably leave me in tatters.

Anonymous 1373 4 years ago Report

She looks like a handfull !!!!

Anonymous 8671 4 years ago Report

This girl has been around the block to many times.

Anonymous 3245 4 years ago Report

You're not trying to marry her are you? LOL

Anonymous 1202 4 years ago Report

Ol Charlie sure does have good taste!

Anonymous 6356 4 years ago Report

I've seen Bree in numerous adult videos, she is very talented in more ways than one. These picutres don't really do her justice. Very sexy and pretty woman who knows how to use her body and to end with the fact that out of all the people that look at "BOTD" I'm probably the only one who could handle her :-).

england 4 years ago

It is nice to have self esteem and confidence but a little too egotistical to assume YOU are the "ONLY ONE HERE" that can handle her........just doubtful!!!!

Anonymous 0951 4 years ago Report

@8230: well, of course, but I will add that "being there" means in front of your screen, and "done that" means you went through a ton of tissues and lotion.

Anonymous 0977 4 years ago Report

The only thing any of you are handling, is rosy palm.

Anonymous 8230 4 years ago Report

If you think you are the only one here that could handle her- you are living in a fantasy world all alone..
Does the phrase "been there /done that" mean anything to you?- in (my) this case it does! ...nuff said

Anonymous 2606 4 years ago Report

Getting better

Anonymous 2967 4 years ago Report

Looks like fun

Anonymous 4779 4 years ago Report

amazing , I want one of those sexy babes to come over to my house ,
in west palm beach . neighborhood : rivermill
address : 6715 rain wwod cove lane

Anonymous 2991 4 years ago Report

Great looking butt

Anonymous 9000 4 years ago Report

125 looks very inviting!

Anonymous 3245 4 years ago Report

I only have 1 video of her but its kept me happy for years. Built the way I like, uninhibited with her sexy feet, thighs & butt, cute face & great BJ's not to mention nice size galawanga's not too big. Guaranteed happy endings every time.

Anonymous 8867 4 years ago Report

She's beautiful, to bad she's a porn star.

Anonymous 1867 4 years ago Report


Anonymous 8230 4 years ago Report

Hello Bree, looking good hon!.
Post it guy - you must not have had allot of time to find pics.of my friend- she has 100's that are better,but with bree you cant go wrong with any of these either!.
Big improvement on last few days though ...thanx pal.