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Tue Feb 25, 2014
Amber Sym
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Feetman 4 years ago

WOW!!!! I'm at a loss for words. This girl is indescribeably hot. Absolutely perfect all natural body. If only there had been a pic or two of her feet. They've got to be perfect too.

Feetman 4 years ago

You really need to take a close look at 65. I totally overlooked it earlier.

Feetman 4 years ago

Yeah, but there just too distant and can't see any detail. Bet their just as fantastic as the rest of her.

england 4 years ago

Me too!! Saved that one in my archive.

england 4 years ago

Shot 8 gets a little glimpse of those sexy feet.

england 4 years ago

Amber has a beautiful heavenly body, long brown hair, big brown eyes and a tremendous nice pair of perky 34C boobs (41). That sweet face of hers is so fresh looking along with her poise and elegance she really is quite photogenic. Let's not forget that CUTE little tush of hers (4) that is a sight to behold and I for one would like to be holding it. A home grown Howell Michigan girl who lived 15 mins from my house, great find Post-It-Guy!!!

england 4 years ago

I know 8858 what a FABULOUS City you live in. Please stay there and enjoy the seas of beautiful women cascading down every street unlike ANYWHERE on the entire planet. You are the luckiest man alive, we all are so envious of you and what your eyes behold everyday. I'll send you a dime, I'll take a dozen please.

Anonymous 8858 4 years ago Report

i thought that would get your blood flowing enjoy your day

Anonymous 8858 4 years ago Report

girls like amber are a dime a dozen in manhattan

donny7789 4 years ago Report


JohnnieB 4 years ago

Green is definitely her color, and lavender, and red, and white........ After the last couple of days, I was beginning to worry there wasn't any more perfect bodies left - Thankfully, I was Oh So Wrong! Everything is NATURAL on this luscious lady and that is so hot in this all plastic and fake world. Hope she never changes!!

Spdrmn67 4 years ago Report

OMG Amber!!!

Anonymous 6246 4 years ago Report

WOW, what a beautiful girl.

Anonymous 7193 4 years ago Report

All the right curves in all the right places. Just plain beautiful

Anonymous 7396 4 years ago Report

Very cute, all good pics.

Anonymous 9636 4 years ago Report

All very good shots, and add that the hip bones are sexy

Anonymous 7520 4 years ago Report

Very cute and natural. :)

Anonymous 3204 4 years ago Report

Bin shots? Are they really necessary?

Anonymous 0095 4 years ago Report

at least you know she's the right type of girl...trashy!

Anonymous 9490 4 years ago Report

Awesome girl next door...great pics..52&62 rock..made my day...thanks

Anonymous 5869 4 years ago Report

Sexy ladies
I love them

Anonymous 5932 4 years ago Report

Such a beauty!!! All the pics are beautiful, but why on earth would you put a beautiful girl like this inside a trash can. A beautiful girl is such a terrible thing to waste.

Anonymous 7107 4 years ago Report

Amber, where do I start. I would love to be Amber's SYMba, and I would mount her on pride rock. What a wonderful, white, whooty, booty. It's just so creamy and caring. Her body is just so hot, heavenly, horny, happy.

Anonymous 3136 4 years ago Report

wow what a body Icould use her for a wee or two to play with

england 4 years ago

"Use her for a wee", that sounds disgusting.

Anonymous 0095 4 years ago Report

england, she may be into the "wee" thing, since obviously the trash bin didn't phase her.

Anonymous 0095 4 years ago Report

Amber Syn...I mean Sym. A little torn on this one. She's hot in the bra and panty sets, especially the lime green one. Definitely would syn with her in that. But I'm a bit leery about those school girl pics in the white dress. I can't let myself think that is sexy, because then I might end up in jail and someone there will think I'm sexy.

Anonymous 3243 4 years ago Report

Is she 13 or is she 14 years old ??? As usual, England is of no help >>>

england 4 years ago

She's 24

Anonymous 9957 4 years ago Report

I would so love to spank her sweet little bum.

Anonymous 6074 4 years ago Report

she is hot no doubt. needs to eat a few cheeseburgers though

Anonymous 1373 4 years ago Report

yeah...the high school trash can thing is kinda twisted...but if thats ur thing who am i to judge...

Anonymous 2563 4 years ago Report

Ok. Very girl next door.47 through 58 are pretty cool. just like an old girlfriend in a hotel room on vacation on the "strip"