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Fri Feb 21, 2014
Louise Glover
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Feetman 4 years ago

Very sexy hot woman. The shots with very dark hair are my favorites. Go go gadget inflate-o-boobs. Bet they were much better before implants.

england 4 years ago

Yet another HOT Brit today from the opening shot with that wind blown hair and goddess like beauty to the last shot showing off the Union Jack and those magnificent 34E Boobs this women is all round fabulous. Image 69, side boob shot, and 41 gives a great perspective on just how big those boobs are then 45 highlights her tremendous tush. Really "Hard" to pick a favorite but going with 91, see through top, stockings and drop dead dreamy and divine presentation.

DrRam 4 years ago

Thanks for contacting someone back home about dumping the pantyhose.

england 4 years ago

Yes, Panty hose had to GO but the stockings are keepers.

Anonymous 3512 4 years ago Report

Yes, Thank God the pantyhose are absent here! Just when you thought Jennifer Korbin couldn't be beat!

Anonymous 7107 4 years ago Report

What a Busty, Bodacious, British, Boobalicious, big boobed blond and brunette. Starting at 31, I really love her Radiant, red, rocking outfit. It really bring out her long, lusty, luscious. luminous, lengthy, lick worthy legs.

DrRam 4 years ago

Louise would fit me like a Glove, nice and tight. Now this is what a Brit babe should look like, and thank goodness she opted out of the panty hose. Beautiful face with alluring eyes, and what an incredible body. Those firm, thick legs are could be a nut cracker, and my head would be the nut. As for her implants, my professional esteem to her surgeon.

Anonymous 3809 4 years ago Report

Not one bad pic in the whole set... the big full lips in #1 had me hooked. Hot body that's got great tone without being muscular. Couple of nice sheer top shots and a couple of shots suggesting a very nicely trimmed landing strip (6 & 58). Gotta love tiny little bikinis like in 46 &67

Anonymous 7520 4 years ago Report

Love the series of photos where she has dark hair. Awesome.

Anonymous 9177 4 years ago Report

WOW!!!!!! Good-looking lady, but the dark hair makes her gorgeous!!

Anonymous 2708 4 years ago Report

Is there such a thing as too hot. She just sizzles. I'd love too give her a tongue lashing, all night.

Anonymous 8068 4 years ago Report

I would give this girl a 15 if it was available for # 23!!!

Anonymous 5879 4 years ago Report


Anonymous 2563 4 years ago Report

Post guy made up for a lot of this past week today. 10, 18, 58, 90, 91, and 46-54 especially.

Anonymous 2509 4 years ago Report

You forgot 23, 76 & oh yeah, all the rest!

Anonymous 5016 4 years ago Report

#41 made me a fan

Anonymous 6170 4 years ago Report

I would do her!

Anonymous 5858 4 years ago Report

So hot! Not usually a fan of enhancements, however I would happily overlook that minor detail in this case. Louise looks as if she could take charge of the situation if necessary. Hurt me baby!

Anonymous 6246 4 years ago Report

A stunning healthy, fit woman. Just delicious. Great legs and an ass that can probably crack open nuts. Shame about the implants; they're just overdone for me.

Anonymous 8582 4 years ago Report

Oh My!!( . )( . )

Anonymous 7107 4 years ago Report

What a Busty, Bodacious, British, Boobalicious, big boobed blond and brunette. Starting at 31, I really love her Radiant, red, rocking outfit. It really bring out her long, lusty, luscious. luminous, lengthy, lick worthy legs.

Anonymous 9947 4 years ago Report

Perfect canvas, blemished only by the tramp stamp, the rest is sexy & proportioned.

Anonymous 9478 4 years ago Report

Very nice

Anonymous 6911 4 years ago Report

49; she just told me to $u!k her brains out :)

Anonymous 0340 4 years ago Report

This chick is so hot England can't ruin this or his kissing cousin/clone aka 7000 either! Lol

england 4 years ago

Not ruining anything, merely pointing out some specific points about each hot women.

Anonymous 0039 4 years ago Report

Each woman learn some grammar buddy

Anonymous 7701 4 years ago Report

100'; ho.ho.ho that a Christmas gift. With a stamp of approval.

Anonymous 7000 4 years ago Report

[ RonnieJohnVille here: attn 0951
Im sorry if i make you upset. i to see the the nice ladies here. Im from Lithuania and appreciate nice looking lady.
sorry i got country ( about cuba ) wrong. and im learning english , and im bilingual,
hey 0951, you try mastering two languages. you are mean spirited for try to ban me from here!

england 4 years ago

Don't apologize to these "Mean spirited haters", I have several who are CONSTANTLY ridiculing me and wanting me banned too, F-em.
Good point DrRam, ask these guys to comment on a foreign web site in a non native language and see how they sound!

Anonymous 7566 4 years ago Report

I'm not buying it. Bilingual people may confuse some grammar rules, but are quite legible. You're just being a pr!ck.

Anonymous 7000 4 years ago Report

[ RonnieJohnVille here: ] WOW !!!! these lady come the country of cuba which is located in the ocean below Florda. (caribean )
These great folks speak cuban and it is a land of true rich cultures.
you cannot visit there, so Im tolled.
this lady very beautiful just look at her gorjous eyes!
check out photograph 62, she put leg on a tire! i think we all could we wont to see more of her , you go girl!!!!

DrRam 4 years ago

All I'm getting from 7000's comment is that he appreciates a good looking woman as much as the next guy.

england 4 years ago

Ronnie, where do you get your info from she's British from Liverpool. But she is beautiful and does have gorgeous eyes.

Anonymous 6356 4 years ago Report

WOW, what a cruel world we live in. Surprising the human race made is this far. Have some compassion.

Anonymous 9906 4 years ago Report

Are you retarded, try some spell and grammar check and 62 is not a tire it's a light. People like you should look into leaving the country.

Anonymous 0951 4 years ago Report

I think Post-it-guy should ban this guy or something. The stupidity of that comment can't be considered as a joke even if you try hard.

Anonymous 8858 4 years ago Report

lol r u englands long lost brother aka rainman

Anonymous 7566 4 years ago Report

Makes me miss the "screen door in a hurricane" guy...

Anonymous 6074 4 years ago Report

kinda looks like megan fox which is always a good thing.

Anonymous 1149 4 years ago Report

John Lennon poster on 47. Just sayin.

Anonymous 4037 4 years ago Report

Soo sexy I wish I could date them I want one to show her boobs they are soo nice the ones I hate are ugly.I love 10.

Anonymous 4713 4 years ago Report

Definate Babe. Some great pics. 3/4 wood

Anonymous 7107 4 years ago Report

#56 Those eyes....Gorgeous