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Wed Feb 19, 2014
Jennifer Korbin
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england 4 years ago

A pretty hot redhead for sure, beautiful eyes with nice sultry look. The blue mesh see through sequence of shots are very hot, love her boobs and perfect nips. The white mesh is a close second as well. Not so many shots today, you others missed that VERY special shot, it disappeared. Her body is firm and shapely and her curves are in all the right places. Good hump day sampler and she rocks the stockings well too!!

england 4 years ago

Must be why YOU have little of interest to say.

england 4 years ago

Actually people like you are usually the ones with the issues. I think YOU who are the lonely one with nothing but hatred running through your veins and a distaste for life in general. Perhaps you should seek some professional Psychiatric help with your situation and even some therapy sessions for your anger management. The first step is admitting to yourself you have a major problem and then we can move forward.

Anonymous 8303 4 years ago Report

Free speech is great, but remember, when you're a porn addict that still lives in your parents basement, the masses don't want to hear what you have to say.

Anonymous 8321 4 years ago Report

No, it's exactly why a douche like you has so very much to say. It's ever so lonely in your world.

Feetman 4 years ago

Stunning woman with a magnificent body. Great eyes, boobs, hands, and feet. Spectacular.

DrRam 4 years ago

Too bad you weren't on here when SG was, she was really into shoes. You could have done a feet vs. shoe contrast, or maybe a feet in shoes comparison.

BigEdge 4 years ago Report

Set 28-33 have me absolutely speechless....I can't pull myself away!!!

DrRam 4 years ago

Love the tight firm body on Jenny. I had a friend that lived with a hot redhead like this one. He'd crawl into work with stories similar to the "Exorcist". Bouncing beds, contorted positions, screaming, and yelling, "eat me, F* me!" I felt really bad for him. No one should have to endure that kind of torture...without inviting a friend.

JohnnieB 4 years ago

They might as well quit now - they won't be able to find a more stunning, incredibly beautiful ALL natural red head again......EVER!!!
Each picture is an 11 because the vote doesn't go to 13!!!
Absolute Perfection!

Spdrmn67 4 years ago Report

OHhhhhh Jennifer

Feetman 4 years ago

I'm very anti-shoe especially high heels, they just wreck a woman's feet. I love spring and summer when flip flops and sandals abound.

DrRam 4 years ago

I'm a heels man myself, except in bed...they have a tendency to snag the sheets, plus I've gotten some nastly scratches.

Anonymous 4466 4 years ago Report

Great body and thank you for the sheer tops. Especially the blue in 28-33 which really matches her eyes. And thanks for the tiniest peek at the top of the landing strip in #21.

Anonymous 1904 4 years ago Report


Anonymous 9682 4 years ago Report

had a calendar a few years back with this babe in it. they just don't make a better looking redhead than this.

Anonymous 0639 4 years ago Report

O M G Red hot Smokin Beauty,Nice curvasiouse redhead !

Anonymous 5020 4 years ago Report

Got my vote for BABE OF THE YEAR. Nice nips

Anonymous 8318 4 years ago Report

This chick is smocking freakin hot! Wowzers. Too many great shots to pick a fav. Great body, beautiful face and those eyes! My God I am in heaven!

Anonymous 2956 4 years ago Report

Man!!! You hit it out of the park with this one post it guy.

Anonymous 9488 4 years ago Report

My god WOW!!!!!

Anonymous 0485 4 years ago Report

I'll take 2, might kill me,but if you gotta you might as well go smiling

Anonymous 9957 4 years ago Report

An absolutely gorgeous woman. Got any more recent pictures? A lot of these are 10 years old.

Anonymous 6853 4 years ago Report

This babe you could bring home to momma

england 4 years ago

Yes, but keep her away from Dad....

Anonymous 4040 4 years ago Report

#24 shows I've got to be up on my vitamins to take care of that, wow that's a lot of women. Love the blue eyes & especially the ones matching her shirt.

Anonymous 0705 4 years ago Report

Whats with the lack of derriere photos?

Anonymous 2882 4 years ago Report

Love pic 39. smoking

england 4 years ago

A little more subtle at picture calling required, many others are now missing that one, and it was a VERY GOOD Shot.

Anonymous 9733 4 years ago Report

Where oh where do the missing pics go...???

Anonymous 9906 4 years ago Report

am I seeing things or is that what I think it is #30 thank you thank you

england 4 years ago

You are seeing things, back off on the meds.....

Anonymous 8514 4 years ago Report

Yeah, you saw it. But I saved it before you had it removed. What's the matter? You scared of beavage!?

Anonymous 9733 4 years ago Report

what are you seeing?

Anonymous 2269 4 years ago Report

I second 5020's comment. Want her at my house 24/7

Anonymous 9034 4 years ago Report

Make you wanna slap your grandma

Anonymous 9509 4 years ago Report


Anonymous 2225 4 years ago Report

I could get into a girl like this...I'd love to get into a girl like this or even this particular one.

Anonymous 1670 4 years ago Report

#1, raise your right hand and repeat after me

Anonymous 8858 4 years ago Report

very nice now were talking see there r some hot american woman out there wish there were more pics of here nice tight butt

Anonymous 7744 2 years ago Report

I believe that Jennifer is the hottest redhead since Ann-Margaret in her prime

Anonymous 7744 2 years ago Report

I believe that Jennifer is the hottest redhead since Ann-Margaret in her prime

Anonymous 8921 4 years ago Report

Plus she has the finest ass of any red head I have ever seen its not fair is it.

Anonymous 8921 4 years ago Report

The finest red head model I have ever seen.!!!! wow!!!

Anonymous 8921 4 years ago Report

The finest red head model I have ever seen.!!!! wow!!!

Anonymous 6243 4 years ago Report

All I can say is YUMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous 6074 4 years ago Report

very pretty girl but she needs to eat some more cheeseburgers, IMO

Anonymous 7000 4 years ago Report

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england 4 years ago

Thanks Ronnie for your support, much appreciated

Anonymous 7566 4 years ago Report

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