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Sun Jan 26, 2014
Adriana Luna
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dennis15683 4 years ago Report

nice definitive outline in 17 ! ...cute lil hottie!

Anonymous 4690 4 years ago Report

It looks as if its been bored out a few times

Charlyie 4 years ago Report

She is a breath a fresh air and then some.

Anonymous 7566 4 years ago Report

compared to what?

DrRam 4 years ago

O.k. so she has a distinque Latina look, original to her. Don't see anything wrong with that, what I do see is hours and hours of fun play time with that hot and tanned body. Some incredible sexy legs all the way up to her full...luna. Complete exam for free!

england 4 years ago

Nice sexy poses today with her, a bit rough in the face but some shots she is not too bad in. Like her in 17 A LOT, very inviting and tasty looking. Looks like she has some decent boobs to play with.

DrRam 4 years ago

england, don't limit yourself...or her, by just playing with her boobs.

Anonymous 9686 3 years ago Report

luna deserves more than a 4. if you guys cared. i give you a 10 luna.

Anonymous 0639 4 years ago Report

Face is a little rough and the pictures almost put me to sleep !!! I'll PASS !

Anonymous 9686 3 years ago Report

I would not pass

Anonymous 3484 4 years ago Report

what?????? my dog looks batter. she has a big ass. next??? seeya

Anonymous 3066 4 years ago Report

Only big ass her is you!!

Anonymous 9686 3 years ago Report


Anonymous 6542 4 years ago Report

You beat your dog with a bad? Come one, man...

Anonymous 6890 4 years ago Report

I think ill just do a rewind on this last week

Anonymous 7775 4 years ago Report

i guess the real post it guy deserves a day off now and then

Anonymous 6240 4 years ago Report

Id like to smell that camel
Toe on #17. Yummy.

Anonymous 0485 4 years ago Report

not to be confused with lima

Anonymous 4340 4 years ago Report

#18 clearly is not the same girl

Anonymous 7566 4 years ago Report

Yeah, 18 is attractive.

Anonymous 7102 4 years ago Report

I showed my dog 17&20 even he said ruff!

Anonymous 9161 4 years ago Report

Haha you know it's not a good babe day when England don't even comment on it lol jk I think all women are beautiful I am not picky at all I like her but then again I like strange ;)

england 4 years ago

9725, Is that the used doll you were trying to sell on e-bay?

Anonymous 6542 4 years ago Report

He doesn't comment on weekends :)

Anonymous 9725 4 years ago Report

England inflates his blowup doll on weekends.

Anonymous 8858 4 years ago Report

england is with his boyfriend on the weekends lol

Anonymous 2260 4 years ago Report

some pictures are worth looking at 17 & 79 maybe a few more but I give her an 8 because she has penthouse pictures.

Anonymous 2614 4 years ago Report

I see nothing wrong with this little honey. So she's not a barbie. She can go home with me. She's a cruiser.

Anonymous 4867 4 years ago Report

Everything looks good butter face .......

Anonymous 9686 3 years ago Report

she deserves a 10

Anonymous 9439 4 years ago Report

Luna -tic

Anonymous 9136 4 years ago Report


Anonymous 6246 4 years ago Report

Love those dark eyes and she has a great smile. She's a girl of substance and I think when she's done with me I will need medical care. And that'll be just fine.

DrRam 4 years ago

I'll have the defibrillator standing by!

Anonymous 2188 4 years ago Report

I like her. She has that look......Me do you long time.

Anonymous 5576 4 years ago Report

So she has a big ass. Some of us would love to have that big ass to spank. Move room to play.

Anonymous 3416 4 years ago Report

me to