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Wed Jan 15, 2014
Sarah McDonald
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Spdrmn67 4 years ago Report

Yessss! Finally a "REAL" woman!

DrRam 4 years ago

Now we know why Old McDonald never left the farm. I can imagine he spent quite a bit of time ploughing Sarah's field, and enjoying her melon's! She does have that down home, natural outdoors look. Very nice.

england 4 years ago

Love to be feeling her melons making sure they are ripe!!!

england 4 years ago

All those sexy nylon clad legs and CFM shoe shots are just mind blowing. Sarah looks like a real sweetheart with a magnificent inviting bosom / cleavage and a very tasty looking nice butt, shot 50 captives the essence of her very well. Like her in the blue jean skirt set and a really nice finish in the purple with a tease of everything.
Nice wholesome, good looking women all around!!

Anonymous 6246 4 years ago Report

Delicious. Love a girl with a bit of weight and lots of curves.

Anonymous 4931 4 years ago Report

Nice boobs!!!! She looks great in her nylons!!!!

Anonymous 6470 4 years ago Report

Ya I knew u were doing it

Anonymous 9640 4 years ago Report

Holy boobies Batman

Anonymous 9725 4 years ago Report

Holy crap!!! boobies...boobies...and more boobies!

Anonymous 4318 4 years ago Report

Totally gorgeous.

Anonymous 0294 4 years ago Report

That's hot.

Anonymous 4880 4 years ago Report

No ass but there is something very alluring about this girl. She looks like she could be your neighbor and think that's what I like about her.

england 4 years ago

I wish she was my neighbor, especially since she like the outdoors so much ;-)

Anonymous 5287 4 years ago Report

74, 92, 95...............I love me some "underboob"

Anonymous 6470 4 years ago Report


Anonymous 5942 4 years ago Report

"Ol McDONALD" Had a DAUGHTER, E I E I O, with some nice boobs here, and some nice boobs there, everywhere are those nice boobs. He really knows how to grow them, if you know what I mean.

DrRam 4 years ago

Maybe it wasn't his daughter. Maybe it's Mrs. McDonald...going ooh, ah here, and ooh, ah there. Everywhere an ooh, ah!

Anonymous 6167 4 years ago Report

Im Lovin it

Anonymous 6470 4 years ago Report

Oh ya baby

Anonymous 6259 4 years ago Report

Pics are boring. But not too bad looking

Anonymous 2967 4 years ago Report

Not bad

Anonymous 8479 4 years ago Report

She's pretty but has the potential to be smokin! Nothing about the shots makes me go wow. Pic 92 is the best.

Anonymous 0937 4 years ago Report

Tacky whacky for me

Anonymous 9991 4 years ago Report

I was doing alright up until I got to 38, R O L L C A L L ! ! !

Anonymous 9759 4 years ago Report

Decent body,hair etc.. kinda plain in the looks though.
Whats with the Pantyhose over lace panties and garter belted stockings?? kind of odd. But in all shes ok i guess

Anonymous 3308 4 years ago Report

She makes my dale DEBONE grow