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Fri Jan 10, 2014
Leanna Decker
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jonas66 4 years ago

2012 Playboy Cybergirl of the Year, ink and all. Most of the beautiful girls on this site don't quite fall under the "would wreck my marriage" category, but Leana . . . . . such a weakness for redheads.

england 4 years ago

Leanna is a stunning green eyed redhead from Kentucky with phenomenal natural perky 34DD big boobs. This redhead radiates sex and sexuality in all her hot poses and she has a beautiful nice round bum to compliment the entire package. Not usually a fan of redheads, butt for this one, I would certainly make an exception. Thinking 82-89 captures her provocative essence and sultry nature. TGIF (you know the version).

DrRam 4 years ago

O.K. cosmetic surgery not my area of expertise. But if she's had work, it was darn good work. Looking at her nude pictures I don't see and traces of surgery, from the hang of the breast and nip posture they look pretty natural. Of course there's non-surgical enhancement that would just increase voluptuousness without an implant. Either way they look good, yummy!

england 4 years ago

I still think they are real. Took a look at a few Playboy Videos of her, no sign of surgery anywhere. I'll ask DrRam to give an expert opinion.

Anonymous 4356 4 years ago Report

Dude, sure they're pretty but if you look closely you can tell they are not real. She opted for saline instead of silicone which is very nice and I'm quite sure would feel real too!

DrRam 4 years ago

Once had a fellow fan of BotD tell me that you can go to bed with a redhead, but you can never go to sleep with a redhead. With Leena I can see why. Definitely a case of insomnia in the making.

Anonymous 6632 4 years ago Report

dated a redhead in high school and another in college. Both girls it was hard to find the on switch, but once that was done, it was impossible to find the off switch if you know what I mean

Anonymous 6146 4 years ago Report

She is the reason the 11 needed to be added to the scale!

Anonymous 0791 4 years ago Report

Truly magnificent!!!!!! HOT HOT HOT!!!!!

Anonymous 6356 4 years ago Report

I am nominating pic #62 as pic of the year, even though we have 11 1/2 months to go it will be hard (no pun intended) to top that.

Anonymous 4356 4 years ago Report

I think # 87 is the shot of the year!

Anonymous 6148 4 years ago Report

I just love a beautiful redhead with a great ass. and I agree TGIF

Anonymous 6246 4 years ago Report

She is about as close the physical perfection as it gets. It scares me to think of what I would do for this girl.

Anonymous 0823 4 years ago Report

Really liking the girls to start off the year!

Anonymous 4982 4 years ago Report

pic #82 would get my vote. but on to more important things.......BRING BACK JOHN BOY AND BILLY!!! Until you do, I'll keep listening to 103.1

Anonymous 4356 4 years ago Report

And you stay over there listeningt to red neck prattle all morniong, we want Rock and Roll!

Anonymous 6246 4 years ago Report

Hooooly mooooly! Just gorgeous.

Anonymous 6465 4 years ago Report

Holy smokes batman she is on fire

Anonymous 1676 4 years ago Report

picture of the year what about #7

Anonymous 9439 4 years ago Report

pecker wrecker!

Anonymous 6836 4 years ago Report

1,4,37. The rest were just icing on a beautiful cake. :)

Anonymous 6772 4 years ago Report

A real lollipop

Anonymous 7072 4 years ago Report

smoking hot pic's as usual. madmaxx

Anonymous 0332 4 years ago Report


Anonymous 0937 4 years ago Report

Another Go girl,should come back to mee

Anonymous 9477 4 years ago Report

OMG happy Friday wow

Anonymous 2708 4 years ago Report

Like you would ever have the chance to pass on that. Not at all crazy about tats either, but I'd be all over it. Dive in tongue first. One helluva bod.