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Tue Oct 1, 2013
Aletta Ocean
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england 5 years ago

Alletta is a fairly tall buxom brunette from Hungary with some big (38 DD) fake boobies and some very pretty eyes. Not a big fan of her collagen lip work work but she does have a very decent body for her "Craft". ( hmmm nice ankle shot in 23...What the hell is that??) She does look much prettier in 60-65, some nice poses. Her best "ass et" is highlighted in 85 and I believe that is her "specialty". Really nice body and worthy of a some deep Oceanography exploration work.

jonas66 5 years ago

The curly, natural-colored hair makes a big difference in the 110s pics, not that she's unattractive otherwise.
I admit to being a little confused about the point of complaining about the number of pics when you don't like the girl. Are you under the impression that if there were less pics they'd fill that space with pics of another girl? Or is it all that extra horrible expenditure of effort to mouse-scroll All The Way Down here in order to enlighten the rest of us with your . . . witty criticisms?

jonas66 5 years ago

"It bothers me too when i see comments like that, but what can we do?"
We can enjoy making fun of them! ;)
It doesn't bother me. It just perplexes me.

Anonymous 3717 5 years ago Report

It's that entitled behavior "if i don't like something, nobody should like it".
News flash: not everyone is an entitled douche.
It bothers me too when i see comments like that, but what can we do? Douchebags gonna douche.

DrRam 5 years ago

Aletta is very, very naughty and one of our favorites to heat things up around the house. The blue eyes and black hair are a real turn on. She may have gone a little far on some of enhancements, but you can still find plenty of her early work when she was giving it all she had "au naturel

Anonymous 1570 5 years ago Report

Great eyes Nice body

Anonymous 6003 5 years ago Report

196 pics, really ??? October is off to a questionable start >>>

Anonymous 3717 5 years ago Report

Ok, go home now.

Anonymous 0034 5 years ago Report

It's not Halloween yet

Anonymous 6119 5 years ago Report

If she had been in September she would have been the least attractive of the whole month.

Anonymous 3881 5 years ago Report

IMO, nothing is attractive about this one. Way to much plastic.

Anonymous 5020 5 years ago Report

You guys are blind. She's beautiful. Couldn't ask for a better start in October. Good job post it guy!

Anonymous 7107 5 years ago Report

I agree. She is ridiculous

Anonymous 6246 5 years ago Report

There was a pretty cute girl there once.

Anonymous 8178 5 years ago Report

I think I see an adams apple.

Anonymous 3067 5 years ago Report

Wow! I would love to dive into this beautiful Ocean!

Anonymous 3272 5 years ago Report

This girl looks like she would be one hell of a pole dancer

Anonymous 5637 5 years ago Report

wonderful ankles

Anonymous 4457 5 years ago Report

Aletta do anything she wants to Me

Anonymous 6245 5 years ago Report

All are nice. But 66-68 are awesome.

Anonymous 9927 5 years ago Report

Wow! A lot to love!

Anonymous 0200 5 years ago Report

Nice body but my god, why do women do that to their lips. She looks like a fricken duck face!

Anonymous 7917 5 years ago Report

Gorgeous eyes. Too bad about the implants.

Anonymous 1328 5 years ago Report

Less plastic in a mannequin. Lips and boobs overinflated according to the pressure placard. YMMV. ;)

Anonymous 3605 5 years ago Report

She`s been rode hard and put away wet

Anonymous 6782 5 years ago Report

Rough sees a head ....

Anonymous 3978 5 years ago Report


Anonymous 6576 5 years ago Report

Typical Hollywood porn star.

Anonymous 9493 5 years ago Report

This one girl where the bleached blonde would have worked perfectly IMO

Anonymous 6245 5 years ago Report

16 is butt tacular