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Thu Aug 29, 2013
Samantha Saint
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krayzj 5 years ago Report

Saint is a fitting name for her. She saved my night from becoming a total loss

unclewiker 5 years ago Report

45 may be my favorite pic ever on this site. I could look at her every day and not complain.

england 5 years ago

Was good while it lasted.

Anonymous 8926 5 years ago Report

Post It Guy...what the hell...pict 45 is gone, comments as favorite picture ever...then gone!

england 5 years ago

Those are some alluring eyes for starters. Plenty of great shots today, some nice side boobs for sure. That perfect tush in 14 with the heart shaped leg gap is awesome!!! Nice lingerie shots and I love 58 with that long curly blond A very buxom blond showing off her boobs very well throughout the shoot. 176-180 are exceptionally hot, she may be saint by name but I'm thinking she is a little sinner and I for one would like to have her, oops I mean save her.

Anonymous 7674 5 years ago Report

she won't be a saint when I get through with her

Anonymous 6576 5 years ago Report


Anonymous 6356 5 years ago Report

Thank you post it guy, I'm late for work AGAIN.

Anonymous 2708 5 years ago Report

Yuh- mee, ouch. Now that's hot. Can't help but want a taste.

Anonymous 8556 4 years ago Report

Pic 38 want to kiss her PINK lips all night long

Anonymous 8597 5 years ago Report

97 is my favorite

Anonymous 2816 5 years ago Report

212 pictures of yummy goodness

Anonymous 3146 5 years ago Report

if you having a bad day take look you will be all right

Anonymous 5958 5 years ago Report

Why cant we get more pics with girls licking or sucking on lollipops,ice cream, fingers, bananas etc...???!!! Im sure most of these girls are very good and practiced at such.

Anonymous 6796 5 years ago Report

Happy Birthday to me. Would tear it up all night long.

Anonymous 0997 5 years ago Report

Hey sexy

Anonymous 6265 5 years ago Report

Paise the lord and pass the lotion

Anonymous 6246 5 years ago Report

YUM! Great curves and those eyes just pull you in.

Anonymous 0762 5 years ago Report

Pic #45 is a beauty side breast pic

england 5 years ago

That shot was short lived.

Anonymous 1361 5 years ago Report

One of my favorite pornstars, this chick is a knockout.

Anonymous 0290 5 years ago Report

192. is nice

Anonymous 9827 5 years ago Report

Even hotter in her online videos. She is super sexy.

Anonymous 5667 5 years ago Report

Dat is one FINE looking package !!!! WOW !!!!