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Mon Aug 5, 2013
Alexis Ford
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dennis15683 5 years ago Report

love pic 135!

Bennie 5 years ago Report

I had a Ford before...and it sure wasn't as hot as this one. Many pictures of the naked booty....oooo la la. I'd like to get up under this Ford and give her the maintenance she needs. And then a fill up.. 9++

england 5 years ago

Have you driven a Ford lately? Well this one will drive you HARD. Shots 29-38 are some of her best shots, the green compliments her very well. Come on in is what 135 is saying and I'm listening, sweet view. Very sexy with a hint or two of very naughty, I think she know her way around a thing or two I see from her videos.

Anonymous 3450 5 years ago Report

I, for one, greatly appreciate england's daily comments. I like how he points me to the most notable shots. I can't say whether he has a life outside of the comments he posts here daily but I hope he continues to take a little of it each day to keep it up. If you don't like england's comments, don't read them. It's that simple.

DrRam 5 years ago

I would like to do a compression check on Ms. Ford's cylinder's, because she is definitely running hot! This is a trophy model for sure. One that I would spend a lot of time detailing...but, there's no way I'd only drive her on Sundays!

Anonymous 3663 5 years ago Report

I'm a Chevy fan but would love to drive that Ford

Anonymous 8549 5 years ago Report

Stop deleting posts "post it guy. " If England can post stupid short stories then we have the right to voice out opinion about it. Grow a pair of balls already and quit deleting crap.

DrRam 5 years ago

Insulting Post-it Guy, either really brave, or really stupid.

Anonymous 8746 5 years ago Report

She's got both the sweet/cute sexy look and the hot/sultry sexy look covered... She's got the slightest nip slip in #8 and a little landing strip edge in #49. Overall a 10 in my book.

Anonymous 7126 5 years ago Report

97 good nip shot

Anonymous 8033 5 years ago Report

Sexy cankles

Anonymous 6399 5 years ago Report

i like that ford

Anonymous 6328 5 years ago Report

sleazy but sexy

Anonymous 6676 5 years ago Report

She's hot

Anonymous 7867 5 years ago Report

Did anyone else notice Tony Montana in pic 17?

Anonymous 5394 5 years ago Report

Love them all!

Anonymous 5773 5 years ago Report

Absolutely SMOKIN HOT!!

Anonymous 1881 5 years ago Report

Show me

Anonymous 3665 5 years ago Report

Ohhlala. Born to be naked