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Wed Jul 10, 2013
Addison Rose
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england 5 years ago

Addison is the stereotypical image of the "Girl Next Door" look. Exceptionally cute little frame with those 32B's and a nice little tender rump. The wet t-shirt look is divine and revealing. 30 has that, over the shoulder, come and get me look, then 33 scream NOW, very nice indeed. Fantastic view in 69, my favorite shot of her by far. Addison has a great fun loving look about her, she does seem happy in her work and sports a very pleasing smile.

jonas66 5 years ago

If the girl next door was a nymphomaniac perhaps.

Anonymous 9905 5 years ago Report

If she was the girl next door, I would have hit puberty three years earlier!

dennis15683 5 years ago Report

pics 68 and 69 mouth watering!

Anonymous 9446 5 years ago Report

Nice booty but that's it. Solid 6.

Anonymous 9893 5 years ago Report

gorgeous butt from 27 to 29, i'm claiming that as an area of outstanding natural beauty!

Anonymous 8755 5 years ago Report

she has a fantastic body!

Anonymous 1733 5 years ago Report

VERY SEXY girl next door type... Perfect backside in pic #4, perky up front in pics #14-16, and beautiful smile in pic #45.

Anonymous 9365 5 years ago Report

VERY cute and sexy.
I love large boobs as much as anyone but it so nice to see girls who aren't running out to get their chests inflated. Addison, you are perfect just the way you are.

Anonymous 3522 5 years ago Report

Cant beat a nice can!!

Anonymous 1189 5 years ago Report

reall 6246 thats the only thing you can come up with is why are there all two number gotta be gay!!!!

Anonymous 9365 5 years ago Report

Yet another infantile "gay" comment.

Anonymous 2067 5 years ago Report

Not bad.

Anonymous 6632 5 years ago Report


Anonymous 3381 1 year ago Report


Anonymous 8204 5 years ago Report

She has that trashy look that so many guys like but she should do well in porn.

Anonymous 0820 5 years ago Report

That rear end is an 11 on its own

Anonymous 3308 5 years ago Report

here here england nice nice enallagy bro personally i like 64

Anonymous 5437 5 years ago Report

Jeremy lusts over this one likey like

Anonymous 6246 5 years ago Report

Why are there always 2 pictures labelled #4?

Anonymous 7674 5 years ago Report

why r u an a hole

Anonymous 7756 5 years ago Report

the only thing I see 2 of in pic #4 is buns and elbows :)

Anonymous 0171 5 years ago Report

Seeing double, are we?

Anonymous 9592 5 years ago Report

84 &85

Anonymous 9931 5 years ago Report

26 and 30