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Wed May 29, 2013
Katie Chase
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DrRam 5 years ago

Woah! This is where the expression Chasing tail comes from. You could run a marathon behind this girl and never even know it. Maybe not the most glamorous on here, but she more than makes up for it with that hot natural body, and that nice, wicked smile. She really looks like she's enjoying herself. Pic 79 is the best, but it wouldn't be my heart she was breaking while I was reading that!

england 5 years ago

Katie would be fun to Chase around the office for sure, particularly when you catch her. Love the office secretary sequence, up skirts for starters then bent over the chair, OH YES!! Looks like she needs a good pat down in 19. Those panties in 30 look fun and cheeky, she has nice boobs and a happy face, great combination.

Anonymous 7053 5 years ago Report

How about some dark skinned ladies?

Anonymous 9049 5 years ago Report

Weak post it guy, WEAK

Anonymous 8943 5 years ago Report

Pic #1 just screams of an in office nooner... I'm in!!! Not much hotter than a hot woman in a really short skirt bent over and ready to go.

Anonymous 0051 5 years ago Report


Anonymous 4512 5 years ago Report

These are a bunch "OH MY GOODNESSES"... "OH MY GOODNESS"

Anonymous 0085 5 years ago Report

smokin' hot

Anonymous 8204 5 years ago Report

Is she using the tanning bed too much or is it just too much makeup? Not sure about this one.

england 5 years ago

Tanning bed, you can tell by her whiter cute butt chips.

Anonymous 9873 5 years ago Report


Anonymous 3226 5 years ago Report

Jail bait...

Anonymous 3958 5 years ago Report

Hasn't been for 5 years.

Anonymous 8604 5 years ago Report

Why can't I find any pics of her online

Anonymous 3665 5 years ago Report

What a cute little ho

Anonymous 2076 5 years ago Report

Wow, she is so Hott! A real Heartbreaker! Cute girl! Muah!!!

Anonymous 7184 5 years ago Report

WOW very hot looking she can sleep with ne any time

Anonymous 7411 5 years ago Report

Now that naughty librianian makes me wanna go back to school OMG!!

Anonymous 2450 5 years ago Report's a case of the catch being worth the Chase. Excellent.