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Thu May 23, 2013
Gemma Massey
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BBQMike 5 years ago Report

Boy oh boy oh boy. HOT!

Anonymous 7941 5 years ago Report

i would have to agree with that!

DrRam 5 years ago

Mind you, I'm not complaining, but Post-it Guy, this must be your girlfriend...this is the 3-4th time you've had Gemma on here. I can see why. Great looking, killer body, and some awesome legs, she's definitely an eye pleaser. I'd like to help her with what ever she's looking for in #11.

england 5 years ago

Oh yes, this is a "Gem" for sure. Nice summer dress, easy access. The taunting look of 24 and 25 is very inviting as well. Office sets are tremendous, loving shot 64 and 122 especially, closely followed by the white mesh looks showing off her excellent tush. Overall best shot is 113, she has everything your looking for, very sexy pose, beautiful smile, body language is awesome. Now this girl is happy doing her job and it shows through in ALL her pictures.

Bennie 5 years ago Report

9.02...for a good reason. She is fi-yine. Pic 128.....smokin.

Whitekong 5 years ago Report

where do you view you favorites?

Jimieboy 5 years ago Report

ya know what ... Gemma is definatly HOT but i like the fact that shes wearing a watch in pics 53 to 57. Shows she punctual and that a great quality in a HOT chick. you always want them to be on time.

krayzj 5 years ago Report

Kurt Sutter should've at least thought about casting this sexy lady for the role of, "Gemma Teller-Morrow" on the "Sons of Anarchy". Right...... before...... ahhhh that's better.

Anonymous 0100 5 years ago Report

86-93 just plain sexy!!!!!!!!

Anonymous 7674 5 years ago Report


Anonymous 5976 5 years ago Report

Thank You!!!!

Anonymous 4480 5 years ago Report

I think she is beautiful, and so sexy. I love her bows!

Anonymous 6298 5 years ago Report

Eh...hard to believe they're all the same chick, and not just the hair. #50 is Smokin Hot, but 44 - 47 are horrible.

Anonymous 0883 5 years ago Report

She looked a lot better before she got her lips inflated.

Anonymous 6266 5 years ago Report

i'd like to thank her parents ! she drop dead gorgeous!

Anonymous 9488 5 years ago Report


england 5 years ago

Welcome to the "Douche Club", I'm also a "voted in" member!!!!

Anonymous 0095 5 years ago Report

I wanna be a douche! Well at least the nozzle part that gets inserted.

Anonymous 0032 5 years ago Report

So you guys keep yourself clean, what's the problem?

Anonymous 2834 5 years ago Report

Congratulations your now a douche!

Anonymous 1170 5 years ago Report

Gotta love the nylons!!!! HOT HOT

Anonymous 9197 5 years ago Report

OOoh no look at that big ol camel toe on that over used ho

Anonymous 7720 5 years ago Report

meat loaf we want it!!!!!

Anonymous 0085 5 years ago Report


Anonymous 9931 5 years ago Report

im the couch in picture 11

Anonymous 3172 5 years ago Report

You can be the couch Im her hand

Anonymous 5167 5 years ago Report

61-71 got me Up!

Anonymous 7041 5 years ago Report

Give me some of that

Anonymous 3794 5 years ago Report

Not bad. Not bad at all.

Anonymous 3863 5 years ago Report

I could sure get into her. Delicious!!!