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Fri Apr 19, 2013
Alice Goodwin
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dennis15683 5 years ago Report

checked for flaws.....happy to report found none!!!!!!!

england 5 years ago

Now that is one hot brunette, from top to bottom (especially bottom), a very pretty face, alluring eyes and sexy mouth. Another hot English model. Pic 17, awesome cleavage, super hero panties and Oreo cookies, where do you lick first? Alice has a great pair of 40" boobs, love to dive into those. Always enjoy the see through panties and of course, 74 is one of my favorites today. Actually, EVERY picture of Alice is smoking hot.

england 5 years ago

This one is particularly busty and they are just phenomenal.

england 5 years ago

She still is the best so far this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous 4195 5 years ago Report

English women seem to be quite busty.

Bennie 5 years ago Report

One of the easiest 11s I've handed out. Perfect.

DrRam 5 years ago

For once I am speechless...and thats saying a lot coming from me. Absolutely stunning, phenominal tata's, and one delicious looking cookie. She's a bedtime (or any time) snack for sure.

england 5 years ago

I think she is a 5-course dining delight.

Anonymous 7674 5 years ago Report

have to agree. she is probably the best all around (face, body, azz, look) that has been posted here since I've been looking. kudos post-it-guy

Jimieboy 5 years ago Report

who cares if they are dups; I'll take pic 44 & 98 to go. tgif!

Anonymous 1449 5 years ago Report


Anonymous 3238 5 years ago Report

Words can't describe how hot she is!

Anonymous 4195 5 years ago Report

My God, boobs are delicious. She's hot, that face is gorgeous

Anonymous 7139 5 years ago Report

Perfect 10

Anonymous 2803 5 years ago Report

Its Monday and I'm returning for another look. Sat, Sun, and today's model don't even compare.

england 5 years ago

I did the same thing and still am.

Anonymous 0360 5 years ago Report

all I can say is dammm

Anonymous 7024 5 years ago Report

What?? Oreo's and a hot Brunette just two of my favorite things all in one.I'm curious where the milk came from I don't see a milk container.

england 5 years ago

I see two milk containers.

Anonymous 9832 5 years ago Report


Anonymous 4535 5 years ago Report

Pic 85...I'll be right there!

Anonymous 1249 5 years ago Report

oh my god.....heaven in woman form

Anonymous 9557 5 years ago Report

She is just HOT HOT HOT!

Anonymous 7906 5 years ago Report

I didn't think yesterday could be topped. Lucky for me, I was wrong! This is one fine woman!

Anonymous 0586 5 years ago Report

OMG omgomgomgomgomg

Anonymous 5331 5 years ago Report

She'd work in a pinch!

Anonymous 6110 5 years ago Report

oh my goodness

Anonymous 3381 1 year ago Report


Anonymous 3774 2 years ago Report

Smoking hot brunette! lock the door and throw away the key.

Anonymous 9243 3 years ago Report

goodwin. it`s all.

Anonymous 2807 5 years ago Report

I've seen bigger titts than that!! I B.T.C

Anonymous 1471 5 years ago Report

got milk???? well ALICE sure does!!! daaaaaaaaaaam!!

Anonymous 7505 5 years ago Report


Anonymous 6246 5 years ago Report

WOW!! Absolutely stunning and gorgeous. And what a mountin' range. Are those real?? All I can say is, "Let's eat!".

Anonymous 3770 5 years ago Report

Ms. Parker...Ms. Parker...The lord is my shepherd, he know what I want!!

Anonymous 1132 5 years ago Report

I'm glad I can still type because I seem to have lost the ability to speak.

Anonymous 3058 5 years ago Report

That is one hot woman except her feet are to big lol!

Anonymous 1222 5 years ago Report

"look at that momma! she got it stickin in the camera; man! we could have some."

Anonymous 3662 5 years ago Report

I want to lick the creamy center out of her cookies!

Anonymous 2976 5 years ago Report

I suddenly have the urge to eat some Oreos!