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Fri Mar 29, 2013
Katie Banks
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DrRam 5 years ago

I wouldn't mind making a deposit with, on, or in Katie, Very good choice to finish out the week. Love the selection of crotch and rear shots. Good or bad, real or fake. I'd have a prett good time with those boobs.

Bennie 5 years ago Report

Pics 65-66...awesome. Great looking babe with a big tight booty and respectable fake gazoombies. 9++

Anonymous 1728 5 years ago Report

you forgot 69!!

england 5 years ago

You can Bank on her to keep wanting to visit her drive through. Lots of great rear shots today, 2 and 69 to mention a few. Have to say I don't mind those boobs AT ALL, bring them over here I would find them very entertaining. 123 is what makes you keeping wanting to become a "Member" of her financial insTITution.

Anonymous 6154 5 years ago Report

i would still go to town on her boobs

Anonymous 1595 5 years ago Report

Cute face and a nice body, but her implants - which in no way look REAL, 9359 - are too big for her petite, thin frame. I know I'm biased, and in the minority, because I hate fake boobs, but I'd be OK with them if they were a 'C' instead of the 'D' of 'DD' they appear to be. Other than that, I think she's lovely.

Anonymous 9142 5 years ago Report

If you are going to get implants, get some that look good on your body. I completely agree.

Anonymous 6737 5 years ago Report

BAZINGA!! 14 leading into 15 is making my drool. Stunning body

Anonymous 9451 5 years ago Report

More like this please

Anonymous 3238 5 years ago Report

Can't beat the rear view.......50,53,59,69,84!

Anonymous 6507 5 years ago Report

WOW...There's something about Katie!!!

Anonymous 9785 5 years ago Report

Completely agree with 1595 & 9142.

Anonymous 9297 5 years ago Report

It's no Audry Bitoni, but a very good replacement Post-It-Guy! Thanks for the birthday photos!

Anonymous 9778 5 years ago Report

she's is good looking you got it going on!!!

Anonymous 2153 5 years ago Report

She's fine. Boob job even looks great!

Anonymous 8755 5 years ago Report

well, she looks great from behind....

Anonymous 9570 5 years ago Report

After this spread, today should be called Great Friday!

Anonymous 9359 5 years ago Report

A solid 10! Katie is a beauty with a banging body. Pic #69 is the bomb!

Anonymous 9359 5 years ago Report

I meant #65! LOL

Anonymous 6361 5 years ago Report

someones a naughty lil girl

Anonymous 3317 5 years ago Report

keep the comig

Anonymous 0551 5 years ago Report

number 70

Anonymous 7184 5 years ago Report

BAD BAD VERY BAD boob job but body great

Anonymous 6773 5 years ago Report

The ONLY very bad part of her boob job is that they aren't surrounding my face for me to enjoy...

Anonymous 9359 5 years ago Report

you're insane! They look real AND perfect!