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Mon Nov 26, 2012
Aiden Ashley
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lio1169 5 years ago Report

I like sweet

BBQMike 5 years ago Report

I guess she would be nice to have around if I needed to pick a lock.

HarryBalsagnU2 5 years ago Report

Different strokes for different folks, it would suck if we all liked the same type of women. For me #18 is Absolute Perfection!!!

england 5 years ago

Post-It-Guy. Forgot to mention, like the four digit anonymous numbers designations.

DrRam 5 years ago

Reminds me of my Sr year girlfriend. Tall, skinny and wicked. And she put out like a fire hose. I may be a pervert today because of her. My friends cracked skinny jokes, but I was having fun. Saw her a few years back and she had filled in real nice. And the full figured girls had filled in a little more too. Love the black lingerie, If a line up the back of her stocking is hot, then two is better. 72 has to be the shot of the day.

DrRam 5 years ago

Well my two line comment only makes sense with the original pic 37. I scrutinized it like 9393 suggested and didn't see a reason to pull it, but maybe I still didn't look close enough.

england 5 years ago

Nice sequence in the black stockings, good looking rear. Love 31, shoe girl might like those too!!! 53 & 54, ankles in the air always a good view. Honorable mention, 73 with some dishonorable thoughts!!! Good start to the week.
OK, so have been gone for a while, have to catch up on my homework.

england 5 years ago

Thanks DrRam T-Day was fine, food & beer with a little football. Yes, SG might of taken a little hiatus for a while.

DrRam 5 years ago

Welcome back. Hope you had a good T-Day, can't say I did, but oh well. I would actually like to see if SG has the ones in 51, with the little bow (and the stockings too!). Looks like she's been quiet since T-Day.

VTMAN 5 years ago Report

Love # 31, 32 and 50. Very Nice!!!!

Anonymous 6647 5 years ago Report

mondays suck

Anonymous 2606 5 years ago Report

Naaah, it's just you and your attraction to men.

Anonymous 5125 5 years ago Report

So does everyone here absolutely have to give everyone an 11 or else we're attracted to men? Stop with the lame comments.

Anonymous 7674 5 years ago Report

you suck it hard

Anonymous 7066 5 years ago Report


Anonymous 1963 5 years ago Report

I was feeling generous today. I gave her a 5

england 5 years ago

Yes, she was feeling generous today also and gave you a 3

Anonymous 5125 5 years ago Report

Oh please don't even try that crap, there are natural women I see every day just walking through the streets that blow this girl way out of the water. There are also better looking ones on here too.

Anonymous 2606 5 years ago Report

I can see how natural beautiful women can be a threat to you: they are missing features common to men.

Anonymous 7703 5 years ago Report

Too skinny

Anonymous 2262 5 years ago Report


Anonymous 0360 5 years ago Report

not bad

Anonymous 4193 5 years ago Report

Pic 72...likey

Anonymous 5228 5 years ago Report

I would hit that booty so hard, her daddy would feel it!

Anonymous 5228 5 years ago Report

I would slam that like a screen door in a hurricane!!!

Anonymous 7674 5 years ago Report

how about changing your line. it's lame.

Anonymous 9393 5 years ago Report

37 gents - are you not "looking"?

england 5 years ago

Looking and looking and not seeing much???

Anonymous 0095 5 years ago Report

Oh, no they changed it! It was good while it lasted.

Anonymous 4316 5 years ago Report

picture 8 she has her panyies off ready fir rear action

Anonymous 4801 5 years ago Report

Very nice, best monday yet. More like this please.