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Thu Nov 22, 2012
Veronica Ricci
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Zeitgeist 5 years ago Report

Wow! There's sharp. And then there is THE EDGE. This girl pretty much pushes all my limits - in just the right direction. A really nice one. THANKS for GIVING us a nice treat, Photo Guy!

england 5 years ago

So those panties need to drop down a little further. #4, good lord that is smoking hot. Stripping section 23-32 is pretty remarkable and blue is mu favorite colour! I like the idea of 52, seems like she has the same idea. Like the white lingerie set also. Good looking women, would love to "baste" her on Turkey day.

Bennie 5 years ago Report

Pics 135-136 come from a Penthouse spread that you should all look up. It's the first time I saw this beauty. 10.

VTMAN 5 years ago Report

Happy Thanksgiving!! I love pics #69 and #128 but my fav is #21. WOW!!

Anonymous 3958 5 years ago Report

And we have a winner for the month!!!

Anonymous 5858 5 years ago Report


Anonymous 2162 5 years ago Report

Wow isn't she lovely what a stunner would be very happy for her to be mine

Anonymous 4464 5 years ago Report

Very beautiful. She is stunning with the black hair. Finally a nice pair of shoes in pic 122.

Anonymous 3662 5 years ago Report

I would love to fall asleep after eating a big plate of that!

Anonymous 8730 5 years ago Report

I want her to want me

Anonymous 6641 5 years ago Report

This is one bird I would love to stuff and then drop a big load of gravy

Anonymous 9907 3 years ago Report

Saucy Redd Head

Anonymous 6170 5 years ago Report

Need to eat some burgers not ribs.

Anonymous 6065 5 years ago Report

I would slam that like a screen door in a hurricane!!!

Anonymous 6065 5 years ago Report

I would slam that like a screen door in a hurricane!!!

Anonymous 0537 5 years ago Report

she is a very famous pornstar boys ad girls

Anonymous 6412 5 years ago Report

i wonder if i could find her on a dating website?

Anonymous 7394 5 years ago Report

Yes! I'm in true lust!! Happy Thanksgiving...boing