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Wed Aug 29, 2012
Alexa Nicole
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Thor 6 years ago Report

sorry. needs to go back to a bar & grill. too blah!!

england 6 years ago

Evelyn Lory, tough act to follow. Be gentle on Alexa. First observation...nice rack (even though enhanced, still love to dive into those puppies). Enjoying the "come on in your invited to partake" (pic 5) shot . Like the pink bra and panty set, sexy. Bent over pic 64 is shot of the day for her

Bennie 6 years ago Report

She ain't bad in some of the pics where she's wearing a lot of makeup, but if you woke up next to her I don't know if you'd want to celebrate or be pissed at yourself. Pic 82 would have been okay with the bare booty, but she's all bruised up from some kind of hardcore porn shoot or something. Disturbing in some respects. 6

DrRam 6 years ago

posting a little late, had a rough night. O.k. so still reeling from my dream girl yesterday, but lets take a looksie. Well I have to say she has some nice tata's and nice bootay! Like that string...bathing suit? 25-32, looks like fun wether you take it off or leave it on. Like 65-66, just cuz the girl dresses like that mostly everyday.

Golf72 6 years ago Report

I will agree, she does not measure up to August. With that said, it' s not like any of us would have a shot anyway. Calling DrRam, calling DrRam, must have a B-Day hangover with Evelyn. She is not perfect, but how many are

DrRam 6 years ago

Shhh! not so loud. Not Evelyn Lory, but definitely worth a second look. I'm with you, I'm sure we're not all chippendale's material...more like full monty material.

Anonymous 6951 6 years ago Report

Send in a replacement, she doesn't cut it!

Anonymous 3958 6 years ago Report


Anonymous 7918 6 years ago Report

if she walked into a room, all of you dorks would fall on the floor

Bennie 6 years ago Report

I don't think so.

Anonymous 1494 6 years ago Report

Those look like transvestites.

Anonymous 3472 6 years ago Report

You seem to know a lot about them.

Anonymous 7674 6 years ago Report

pic 75 is the milf i did last week at the shore

Anonymous 7674 6 years ago Report

sge doesn't compare to what we've seen lately but i'd still giver her a pearl necklace

Anonymous 4514 6 years ago Report

Not a big fan of this one. Nice body, decent face, but the tata's are too fake for my liking. One look on google and it is obvious to me that she did not need the surgery. It is also obvious she likes to.....well you can find out for yourself.

england 6 years ago

Now I see why there are so few pictures of her. Hard to find ones when she is not covered in, well you know!!!!

Anonymous 6412 6 years ago Report

i thought i google her too and it seems like she a fun one to .....i found out

Anonymous 1990 6 years ago Report

Nothing like a beautiful woman in a pair of Daisy Dukes

Anonymous 8661 6 years ago Report

Too bad this isn't one of them.

Anonymous 0341 6 years ago Report

Come on guys u can do better than that

Anonymous 2986 6 years ago Report

I'd much rather see more of her friend from pics 75-78...

Anonymous 6412 6 years ago Report

yeah it's kinda like if she would walk up to me and say: Do you wanna? I would say yes. But i wouldn't chase her....

Anonymous 3472 6 years ago Report

This girl has an amazing rack and an incredible behind!

Anonymous 8661 6 years ago Report

And the face of a man.

Anonymous 7744 2 years ago Report

Thor you need to go back to the bar and grills son you wouldn't what to do with her even if she showed you.

Anonymous 4277 3 years ago Report

I can guarantee you guys something, if she walked up to any of you and said take me now you would do and don't lie and say wouldn't you'd either have to be gay or a priest

Anonymous 4277 3 years ago Report

thor you need to go back to the bar and grill since you don't know what woman looks like

Anonymous 7104 6 years ago Report

jen should be a babe of the day

Anonymous 8704 6 years ago Report

you are all fags

Anonymous 3958 6 years ago Report

No, we have wives or girlfriends to compare her to.

Anonymous 0850 6 years ago Report

great job more porno less GOP!

Anonymous 6612 6 years ago Report

She may not be the hottest model on this site.....but I could definately get busy with her. Check out #64-66.

Anonymous 0868 6 years ago Report

Not a fan of silicone but still good for a night or two. ;)

Anonymous 5175 6 years ago Report

pic 21....yesssss!

Anonymous 2934 6 years ago Report

wow 10+ love photos of here playing with her self lovely butt.

Anonymous 6148 6 years ago Report

very nice butt really like the last pic

Anonymous 4781 6 years ago Report

Fake boobies fair face but at least she looks 18 some of this look 12. looks like a 7 for avarage.

Anonymous 8661 6 years ago Report

She looks 50!