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Tue Aug 21, 2012
Adrienne Manning
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nordicsam 6 years ago Report

Natural Beauty!!! No Silicone ! NICE TREAT!!!

england 6 years ago

This girl has everything I'm looking for. Great rear shots today, 4, 59 & 67. Plenty of stocking shots,109 is mesmerizing. School girl set is pretty hot. Landing strip looks spectacular (we all know the #), where's my plane? A little zoom in on some of these wouldn't be a bad idea for a "deeper dive", and my god, who wouldn't want to dive into this fantastic representation of female beauty. Count me IN!!!!

redneckcontractor 6 years ago Report

pic # 4, luscious lips playing peek-a-boo !

Thor 6 years ago Report

pix #157 is nice. nice little wave, ha. until next time. but just nice. beautiful looking gal. thanks.

Swirvin 2 years ago Report

Gorgeous perfectly stunning in every detail words perfection at its best

Bennie 6 years ago Report

One of the best all-around babes of the year. Pretty face, great eyes, real teats, and a terrific booty. If she ain't married, she ought to be. Please move to my subdivision.... 10.

feelingminnesota 6 years ago Report

she could keep me and my wife warm on a cold minnesota night

TLCisSEXY 6 years ago Report

TLC- I agree on the Angel costume pics...but the pics in the red dress pics are devilishly Hot.....especially 109.

DrRam 6 years ago

You have Peyton and Eli as QB's but Adri is definitely a wide receiver. 1st time I ever saw her (set 1-7) he eyes seduced me, then the rest of her. She has just got a smoking body, and she's got the kink of legs I could spend hours licking my way up. Alot of great pics, love the landing strips, and she does black stocking well...but I'm going for the obvious today...59.

TLC 6 years ago Report

Good morning, y'all! I am lovin the red angel costume....very nice!!

england 6 years ago

I like 87 that picture is very revealing, need a little "Zoom in" to really appreciate it.

Candu 6 years ago Report

what a beautiful sight to wake-up to.........I will drool over this girl for days, and that backside is perfect......this my friends is the gateway to heaven and see even gives us a glimpse of her welcome mat in pic 114.......I love this girl

england 6 years ago

Yes, a bit more than a glimpse, almost all of it...very nice. Zoom in on 154 for the entire package!

Anonymous 4514 6 years ago Report

Pic 1 is definitely a winner! I also like pic 19 and 154. Oh, hell, I like them all! I would love the opportunity to disappoint this girl!

Anonymous 7674 6 years ago Report

she is gorgeous can't wait to frap one out to her

Anonymous 5179 6 years ago Report

yesssssss! Butt shots are back....and in a big way!! #4 rocks!

Anonymous 5394 6 years ago Report

OMG!!!! Pic 1 is out of this world. The rest aren't to bad either. LMAO I do believe I need to marry this girl. LOL

Anonymous 0580 2 years ago Report

nipples and brazilian shave!

Anonymous 8998 3 years ago Report

meet me at lincon park middle school

Anonymous 7759 6 years ago Report

What a great birthday present !!!

Anonymous 6174 6 years ago Report

Some better shots if you google her name with safe search off ;)

Anonymous 9357 6 years ago Report

# 84 is the cherry of all these fine pics.........i'd lick her 9 ways to sunday in that pic !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous 6858 6 years ago Report

OMG!!!!!!!!!! I am in lust

Anonymous 0095 6 years ago Report

I remember this girl fondly, she gave me my first online spontanious big-o a couple years back. Thanks for the memory!

Anonymous 3199 6 years ago Report


Anonymous 6634 6 years ago Report

Pic 134...???? really!.... oooopppps?

Anonymous 9058 6 years ago Report

I see NOTHING?????

Anonymous 1728 6 years ago Report

Bonus points to the post it guy he did it again, wouldnt think I'd like a plaid bikini, but it's worth a close look

Anonymous 2705 6 years ago Report

what angel 11+ pornstar make love to her all nite long.

Anonymous 8153 6 years ago Report

A pure natural beauty!! No silicone for a nice change. NICE!!

Anonymous 7906 6 years ago Report

Perfect, absolutely perfect!

Anonymous 9357 6 years ago Report

landing strip #'s 154 & 114

Anonymous 9357 6 years ago Report

pic #1 has my dental floss .................

Anonymous 4155 6 years ago Report

I want to go back to school

Anonymous 7547 6 years ago Report

Awesome...Pretty girl and lots of backside shots...Oh the things I would love to do to her!