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Fri Jul 13, 2012
Erica Campbell
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sho 6 years ago Report

Think I can look at her all day :o)

PBR420 6 years ago Report

Boobs - check
Butt - check
Nice legs - check
Pretty face - check

england 6 years ago

Right from the first picture I'm hooked. Great body and a pretty smile. Like butt shots 9 and 14-16. Favorite set for me is the grey bra, panty skirt combination 60 to 65, I'm a sucker for UPSKIRT shots, I think they are the sexiest of all. The blue bathing suit shoot, in particular 96 also rocks

england 6 years ago

Pink shirt and a curtain shot.....write pink backwards and drop the K

sjw91 6 years ago Report


Mayo93 6 years ago Report

gorgeous face and smile...nice *ss as well...a definite keeper for me

workinman 6 years ago Report

Oh, I do believe I'm in love, this girl has it all, the looks, the eyes are to die for, the body is perfect

Bennie 6 years ago Report

Without question she's one of the best nude spread models on the web ever. I don't think she does spreads anymore which is a shame. Google her and enjoy. 11.

VTMAN 6 years ago Report


Olindian 6 years ago Report

I created and account just so i could say WOW what a body! This gal has it all and well per-portioned to boot.

lonlylovebug 6 years ago Report

what a great body MMMMMMM

DrRam 6 years ago

Wow! This girl has legs all the way up to her (censored)! I'm with england, it was challenging just to get past the opener! Then stop at 14-16, 68-69 and the whole 88-98 set. Then back to 69 for a closer look. Oh, TLC, I definitley like 130.

TheBigA 6 years ago Report

Pic 26 rocks it all day long. Wish I help her with what she's doing. Nice to see a babe on here that's not so perfectly thin. A tad bit if size here and there is absolutely awesome.

Hersheyguy 6 years ago Report

Pics definitely over time with changes in her body but still very sexy. Love that hot butt in pic #1 and nice

VTMAN 6 years ago Report

Starting with the opening pic......this girl is incredible. I love the pink dress pics and she can play on my baseball team anytime!!

GoodluckWithThat 6 years ago Report

How can make anything more perfect, an absolute jaw dropper. WOW!

Anonymous 7674 6 years ago Report

i like my women with a liitle meat on them and in them.

Anonymous 4554 6 years ago Report

Girls with some curves. Yay!!!

Anonymous 7674 6 years ago Report

don't mind looking at all these pictures. she's gorgeous and looks like a good time.

Anonymous 6862 6 years ago Report

OMG! This lady is built like a brick sh*thouse! 'Bout time they had a freakin bombshell on here...nice!

Anonymous 5179 6 years ago Report

WOW! Fine as hell!

Anonymous 9690 6 years ago Report

Holy Crap!

Anonymous 7674 6 years ago Report

hey england and vtman, i'm sure you're going through tlc withdrawals. who's azz u gonna kiss today?

england 6 years ago

TLC seems to be a great person to converse with, she is a female and we are all looking and adoring the female form. YOU on the other hand, spend most of your time cutting down females and TLC, so must be perhaps you do swing that way.......and you need to "Find yourself another guy"

england 6 years ago

YOURS if I knew which "Anonymous" you were DH

Anonymous 7674 6 years ago Report

i'm flattered, england but i don't swing that way. find yourself another guy.

Anonymous 7674 6 years ago Report

england i love women in all shapes and sizes and enjoy the women on these pages. i like TLC and enjoy reading her comments. that was a really lame comeback.

Anonymous 2081 6 years ago Report

she's ok.

Anonymous 8661 5 years ago Report

you're an idiot

Anonymous 3116 2 years ago Report

she very hot

Anonymous 3116 2 years ago Report

#14 very smooth buns

Anonymous 0209 5 years ago Report

beautiful, boobs like like redone once you hit the #100, but perfect. Stunning legs and rear end on this girl

Anonymous 6703 5 years ago Report

smoking Hot! want to see More of her

Anonymous 7674 6 years ago Report

strip sighting 77

Anonymous 3116 2 years ago Report

very beautiful in #119

Anonymous 3116 2 years ago Report


Anonymous 1501 6 years ago Report

perfect my hog leg would fit nicely

Anonymous 5301 6 years ago Report

MY fav shade of Blue (bikini shots )88-99

Anonymous 9539 6 years ago Report

i dont get it , why do some guys have to be jerks about have a woman comment on the models. i for one enjoy it because not once has TLC put down these models because of their professions

Anonymous 6191 6 years ago Report


Anonymous 5033 6 years ago Report

What? Only 162 pics? How can anyone judge this fine thing without more proof.

Anonymous 8532 6 years ago Report

FINALLY, a woman with some meat on personal favorite is # 130............i'd bury myself b*lls deep in her & tear that up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous 9394 6 years ago Report

Pretty bad I have no idea what is on the rest of 104.5's web page! LOL

Anonymous 7790 6 years ago Report

As far as i care, there is nothing else.

Anonymous 8075 6 years ago Report

I would like the eight ball in her pocket, super fine.

Anonymous 9905 6 years ago Report

Practically perfect, in every way!

Anonymous 9539 6 years ago Report

love her too. she also has kids.very beautiful babe. what do you think TLC

Anonymous 2081 6 years ago Report

who talked her into this?

Anonymous 7117 6 years ago Report

babe of the week so fat pic#1,2,19; 26. exspiecally 26 were she fingering her self . 19 nude photo make make love to her all nite long.

Anonymous 2658 6 years ago Report

she's aight. not as hot as you all make her out to be. they have had much better

Anonymous 7674 6 years ago Report


Anonymous 6862 6 years ago Report

You need your eyes checked, dude!

Anonymous 0704 6 years ago Report

She was a playboy model for years, then in 2008 she retired from posing nude and now is super religious. She is beautiful no doubt

Anonymous 6862 6 years ago Report

#130 says it all, ya'll!

Anonymous 5099 6 years ago Report

little thichker than normal on here but diffinatly makes my winkie twitch. love to spend the night with that