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Wed May 30, 2012
Jayden Cole
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england 6 years ago

DChamp....Maybe you should not visit this site. Seems to OFFEND you a lot, maybe sexy women is not your thing????? Try a gardening web site or knitting.....something safe.

VTMAN 6 years ago Report

I want one!!!!

Mayo93 6 years ago Report

Not into red heads either but some great the legs

england 6 years ago

Nice complilation of stocking shots and love the upskirt jeep shot, very hot. Not usually a redhead fan either but HELLO given 1/2 a chance we all would be all ovew that if she showed up at your door.

DrRam 6 years ago

Jayden has a hot body and uses it well in porn. No fiery bush though, that floor is tiled. I don't think DChump would know a hot babe if she was spread eagle in front of him.

rabbit69 6 years ago Report

Google her! WOW!!!!!!

thewelder 6 years ago Report

i like this one a lot(lots of items)

DChamp 6 years ago Report

Another porn star... no more than a 5 for me.

Anonymous 3958 6 years ago Report

It's a shame the Amish don't like cameras. Those girls would be perfect for you!

unclewiker 6 years ago Report

saw her up close and personal a few months ago. hot, funny, energetic. great entertainer. 10 for me

Anonymous 3647 6 years ago Report

Hottest model to date, hands down

Anonymous 4341 6 years ago Report


Anonymous 4962 6 years ago Report

I think DChamp really just wants to see pictures of dudes...

Anonymous 2644 6 years ago Report

hot... simply hot!

Anonymous 7052 6 years ago Report

Do we really think she's a redhead?

Anonymous 4612 6 years ago Report

@unclewiker: you can't say that and leave. How? More details!

Anonymous 3647 6 years ago Report

i love redheads fiery bushes

Anonymous 3647 6 years ago Report


Anonymous 2125 6 years ago Report

dont get me wrong i wouldnt kick her out of bed (atleast till im done) but redheads just turn me off,most have pasty white skin and tons of freckles look like somebody threw a handfull of crap at em through a screendoor

Anonymous 2125 6 years ago Report

nice body but i cannot stand redheads

Anonymous 3647 6 years ago Report

google images much better!

Anonymous 8722 6 years ago Report

Holy jit!!!