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Fri May 4, 2012
Penny Mathis
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england 6 years ago

Yes, showing LOTS of (*)(*) shots. Love it. Real or not they look great. She is all about the boobs and I for one are thankful.

kcroyalcrown 6 years ago Report

She should sue her Plastic Surgeon.. Pretty face but one of the worst tit jobs i've ever seen.

Jimieboy 6 years ago Report

tgif ... BIG (*)(*)'s. You gotta love em.

TLC 6 years ago Report

Not to chick out on y'all but, I love her haircut! Her one ta ta in #4 looks a little odd. Other than that, I would absolutely scissor her! :-)

loaderman 6 years ago Report

Absolutely incredable. Can't pick a favorite pic. 11 omg

VTMAN 6 years ago Report

Thank you GOD!!!
This morning I saw a pic of an even more beatutiful lady!

DChamp 6 years ago Report

Great looking girl, but no way those are real...!

Anonymous 3647 6 years ago Report

she is freakin awesome. lots of toe shots.

Anonymous 5778 6 years ago Report

Jesus Chrysler man!! This is one of, or is the most gorgeous woman! How can anyone pick a favorite picture when they are all perfect tens.WOW WOW WOW!!!!!

Anonymous 8929 6 years ago Report

This is hilarious. This woman is scorching hot and all some of you want to do is b*tch about her boobs. I'd motorboat that all day long.

Anonymous 2580 6 years ago Report

fake boobs kill it every time...

Anonymous 3647 6 years ago Report

Agreed KCRoyalcrown. When you pay $8 k for a boob job, it doesn't mean you have to buy them out.......

Anonymous 6954 6 years ago Report

A penny for her thoughts......... $5 if they're dirty :-D

Anonymous 9853 6 years ago Report

WOW. Thats all i can say about this girl.

Anonymous 0116 5 years ago Report

Very nice

Anonymous 0051 5 years ago Report

WOW !!!!Whatt else can you say

Anonymous 3199 6 years ago Report

plenty of panty shots i love it

Anonymous 3647 6 years ago Report

O wow I like every single picture on here

Anonymous 5938 6 years ago Report

I always said it is fun to play in Sylicone Valley but I would not want to live there, but with here I WOULD MOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous 7461 6 years ago Report

Clown boobs. Too bad.

Anonymous 2956 6 years ago Report

My God Man!!! She went way over the top on those. WOW!!

Anonymous 5054 6 years ago Report

Leg man myself. Hers are ok, but boobs rediculous. Any 20 year old (or 70 year old) can buy boobs...

Anonymous 3647 6 years ago Report

she is alsome

Anonymous 6347 6 years ago Report

now this is what i am talking about a lovely lady who is not
afraid to show what she's got an i love it like pics #16 #23 #24 an #42

Anonymous 6702 6 years ago Report

yea :o)