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Sat Mar 24, 2012
Shay Maria
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Blackheart 6 years ago Report

Wow Shay, since no one else has commented, i'll be the first. You are very beautiful and I wish you could be my birthday gift in two days. From your fisrt picture, it would seem as if you have LOTS of energy. 11+++++!!!

chopsticks 6 years ago Report

WTF?? Is this a joke? Look at pic 16...I could walk down the hallway at work and find someone better than this gal.

Anonymous 4193 5 years ago Report

Sure would like to walk down your hallway! Great body and surely isn't bad looking.

DChamp 6 years ago Report

Horrible photography!

Bennie 6 years ago Report

Not a knockout, but a great body with great big boobs. A party girl from the looks of some of these pics. Some of these were taken with my aunt's 1979 Polaroid though considering the quality. She get a 9 for the bod and great boobs.

rabbit69 6 years ago Report

Just not really sure bout this one. +/-

Anonymous 3958 6 years ago Report

Nice rack, awful face.

Anonymous 5101 4 years ago Report

my my :)~> yumm