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Mon Aug 1, 2011
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Jimieboy 7 years ago Report

she's hot but she looks like a Pam wannabe.

Attitude 7 years ago Report

The first picture is awesome. Then I saw the others and ruined the whole thing. I am a fan of ink, but if that's what she wants, get some, and lose the cheesy bikini.

Snappy 7 years ago Report

theres something about Ali. A sure winner for the Cameron Diaz look alike contest. Very Nice!!!!

bigt 7 years ago Report

Sexy babe but weird photo effects on last 2 pics. Still a solid 8.

marter2000 6 years ago Report

Wow, simply Gorgeous

Grandmaster 7 years ago Report

Nice body, not that great of a face. Agreed on the cheesiness of the last two, and wtf is wrong with her nose?

blue_eyed_bombshell 7 years ago Report

mmm sexy :)

blue_eyed_bombshell 7 years ago Report

mmm sexy :)

Statman 7 years ago Report

Finally a good looking woman

JohnnieB 4 years ago

Anorexia is NOT beauty - someone get her a cheeseburger!

Zeitgeist 7 years ago Report

Pic1=9 verra Niiice. Pics 2&3, are too artsy for hot babe photos=5.

Anonymous 0211 3 years ago Report

Hot babe and sexy boobs and how's your booty girl? I want to check it out!!!

Anonymous 7654 3 years ago Report

She is sexy and that body

Anonymous 6636 4 years ago Report


Anonymous 1437 5 years ago Report

Almost looks photo shopped