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Tue Jun 21, 2011
Alicia Hudson
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franktank 7 years ago Report

You guys give her just a 7? So, what super models sleep with you at night since you guys are so picky? Forever alones...

leonard 7 years ago Report

she is so freakin hot!!

elknrut 7 years ago Report

Smokin' HOT!

kcroyalcrown 7 years ago Report


Snappy 7 years ago Report

is that a little lip in pis three? Nevertheless nice!!!

scootertrash 7 years ago Report

great milf, i give her a 9er. twice

Logitech 7 years ago Report

Not sure what she's thinkin, or why she don't smile, but damn she has some nice legs.

surgelogic 7 years ago Report


oncebitten19 7 years ago Report

Definitely do-able. Kind of a nordic goddess type

tfsloanjr 7 years ago Report

I wish my face was her heels!

JohnnieB 4 years ago

Pic 2 is GREAT - you can't see her face!!!!!

Anonymous 0570 4 years ago Report

Do u want to have sex sexy

Anonymous 4277 4 years ago Report

thank you franktank I don't understand most of these guys, she is definetly a 10

Anonymous 8921 4 years ago Report

you are right franktank she needs a higher rating!!!!