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slave4life 8 years ago Report

Higher rating if camera was focused. Solid 8.

Anonymous 0 8 years ago Report

This is the last image on the digital camera before she went into the bedroom and strangled her one night stand.

nicedreams80 9 years ago Report

she looks like a good time

dude78 9 years ago Report

need a better pic

hog2fly 9 years ago Report

better picture please

merlin 9 years ago Report

looking good!!!!!!!!!!!

tjwick 9 years ago Report

looks like a nice rack would like to see more

dihrdhwk 9 years ago Report

well...the hoop earings gives her a place to rest her feet during the orgasmic deed!

nobodikares 9 years ago Report

i would like 2 volunteer my services for your next photo shoot

justsmoke77 8 years ago Report

9+ Nice Red Head, Better Pic Please!!

driverrockotaz 8 years ago Report

So so

biker_john321 9 years ago Report

I still wonder...HE/SHE....move out some and tighter

onewhoshadenough 9 years ago Report

TOO bad that this radio station is supporting such a gross display of real women. Those that pose for men's sexual gratification must have issues. Statistics show most have been molested or some type of sexual trauma to feel themselves this low. And