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justsmoke77 8 years ago Report

I just lost my breakfast! This is a site for Hotties! This woman has been posted many times by rskoropat and she don't belong! FUGLY!

driverrockotaz 7 years ago Report

You should be on all fours.........Da Rufffff

hondaman 7 years ago Report

PLEASE NO MORE OF HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

klondike 8 years ago Report

Scary. I still gave her a 3, though. I'd hit it.

tobaccoman 8 years ago Report

WOW!!! Very nice. Love it!!!!

slicksteer 8 years ago Report

I tilt my head back and vomit on my self everytime I see this picture.

rockcity5150 8 years ago Report

7 more years of bad luck

wildleo 8 years ago Report

nice target zone to be reflecting.I'll zero in on that for you.

switchblade 8 years ago Report

I reflecting on how sexy you are.

mtgplace 8 years ago Report

Objects in Mirror may be larger than they appear.